Hanukah present for us all :) Beyond words!

We wish you all Chappy Chanukah and are excited to have hosted Yosef Karduner this Chanukah, the really fortunate ones ! <- click here for more on this great musician! And click yosef-karduner-live-midnightrabbi-mystic-music-hanukah-bet-shemesh-with-yeshivat-ashreinu for more audio of the live concet and blog with vids other acts inc. yosef-karduner-live-midnightrabbi-mystic-music-chanukah!<- click here and here<- for pics!

Please be kind and help our students make their special day for life this year <- click here for how and where right now thanks , as they await your kindness!

My first inspirational Jewish artist that made us happy!בוקר אור של האהבה ושבוע טוב לכלנו הצלחה שמחה ובריאות ומעשים טובים בעזרת ה’ “=שמע ישראל ה’ אלוקינו ה’ אחד “= Midnightrabbi inspires ! Yosef’s music out pours from his holy soul to us all! A gift for the generation!


One thought on “Hanukah present for us all :) Beyond words!

  1. Reblogged this on midnightrabbi inspires! and commented:

    1st night of #hannukkah with #Ashrienu, #Yosef himself is excited be in contact umuse613@gmail.com

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