A real tribute to the beautiful angels lost, lets do something for Victims of the Newtown Massacre!

Jeff Pulver sent me this link , read now! “My name is Rachel Lunzer and I am a junior in Stern College for Women. The events in Sandy Hook Elementary really hit me

 because, as my Rabbi so profoundly stated in synagogue this weekend, children, especially school children, have always been untouchable. Parents put their children on the bus with an expectation that they will return home in the afternoon and it is hard to conceive that there is such evil in the world that led to 20 less children who will be able to return.

I wanted to do something. Not just to remember, but to honor in a way that would be meaningful. Therefore, I have come up with what I would like to call Project 20/20. The idea is that for the next week, each day students will commit 20 minutes to learn in honor and memory of these beautiful lives who were lost to inexplicable evil. My Rabbi said on Sabbath “Over the past week there has been much darkness, and I cannot understand the darkness nor will I attempt to explain the explain the darkness, but the miracle of light is that it can dispel the darkness and push it away if only temporarily”. This project will be the light we shine on the grief stricken community of Newton Ct.

Please commit 20 minutes over the next week in their honor. It can be in learning, in refraining from “lashon hara” and other derogatory speech, acts of kindess (chesed), charity (tzedakah) or anything else u deem meaningful. Below is a link to sign up for the project and if you would like specific learning



As my Rabbi said, I have no explanation but as we round out chanukah, the Jewish festival of lights, lets keep the lights glowing for one more week so we can push away some darkness for Sandy Hook”

All the best
– Rachel Lunzer ,”click to join and do something for Project 20/20 

You are all welcome to donate and make a difference to 30 students of ours in the deceased merit! Commemorative learning and kindness for Victims of the Newtown Massacre!

2012 BAR MITZVAH CELEBRATIONS was amazing , now help us with 2013 and our 30 students to make this year a day and gifts for all to remember! Join us and donate generously after you read below and click here -> http://www.jaffainstitute.org/online-donations-to-the-jaffa-institute write in comments eli’s friends and your secure donation will be for the Bar Mitzvah of 30 students 2013! Please Read more… 524 more words, 1 more video


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  1. […] A real tribute to the beautiful angels lost, lets do something for Victims of the Newtown Massacre! <-click here for how! […]

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