Introducing the artist formerly known as … now NISSIM™ POWERED BY: OEMCo™ powered by Emuna!

Eli played miracle-music and Unbelievable!


Includes my new single “UNBELIEVABLE” and many more amazing songs.
Miracle Music, by NISSIM

New Name, New Game. by Lovie Hops

The Orach Online squad caught up with Nissim Black, Co-Founder of OEMC, to discuss the past, the present and the future for him and OEMC. He spoke on his relationship with Sportn’Life and a D.Black comeback.

OO: You Mr. Black, spent a lot of time at Sportn’ Life Records both as an Exec and a MC. You’ve had to deal with being an artist and deal with artists, what gave you the inspiration for OEMC?

NISSIM: It was just that. After being on both sides of the fence, I developed a liking for different aspects of both. There were plenty of times when i wanted to sit back and strictly work with DeVon and take a break to really push the other artist, but it just felt like the time never permitted itself. So, with OEMC, which I cant take complete credit for I do have a partner in crime Yosef “Bradley” Brown, we just wanted to put together awesome music for people and exhaust our efforts to see it get the recognition we felt it deserved. So OEMC is the natural progression of that desire.

OO: You and Yosef (B.Brown) probably had your biggest success with people like Young Buck and the Game,will that same sound carry OEMC? And how will it play out according to your faith?

NISSIM: Thats all old news. We never really rode that wave, it wasn’t really the sound we were most interested in back then even. Our sound has definitely evolved. We focus on more on a contemporary soul and alternative with a bit of Pop. We are just kind of out there these days. As far as my faith is concerned, I still keep my distance. I don’t have a TV in my home  I only listen to certain things for work purposes. Its all business, one that im passionate about, but its still business. Certain aspects of this industry doesn’t belong in my spiritual world so i keep it out. But I do use my spiritual world to elevate my work.

OO: In most interviews most people wouldn’t ask what Im going to ask you now but, with certain people like Mattisyahu, Shyne and yourself, your faith almost is what makes you who you are so with that said; You’ve made a lot of changes over the past 4 to 5 years as an individual, and concerning yourfaith/ religious beliefs, what is your faith and what effect does it have on you musically?

NISSIM: Orthodox Judaism is my faith. It has been a crazy past few years for me one that has been eye opening. I was a Non-religious Christian, then a Messianic Christian what people would refer to as Hebrew Christian or Messianic Judaism (But this is NOT Judaism in anyway, shape or form) . But I don’t look at them as huge changes but rather the natural growth of a person truth seeking. It happens all the time with people who start challenging themselves, they begin to grow. I was exposed to a truth, then another and then another, which was headed in the direction of the path I was to embark on. Due to the fact that spirituality is big for me, this journey will forever be documented through music and all that evolves me. When you find emet (truth), you share it by living it. If people really believed in what they say they do, it would be seeping through their pores without them even saying a word.

OO: There’s been a lot of new artist both in your own city and in the broader industry, who’s your favorites in game today?

NISSIM: I think Adele proved herself to be the worlds favorite right? but, no really, other than the guys I work with, I like; The Black keys, Gotye, Fun, Michael Buble and John Legend.  I mean I guess thats my list, I still draw inspiration from old MoTown records. Im usually in the loop for inspiration only, as it relates to work, but I’m not engrossed, i keep it that way so my ears can stay fresh and unbiased.

OO: Congratulations on the birth of your new son. We also know you have a wife and daughter at home how hard is it to make time for everything?

NISSIM: Thank you. As you can imagine, it gets tough. I try my best to make it work, after all I have to. My wife is the most important person in my life and my kids follow that, my career is for our benefit as a whole. So just like any other family we manage. Plus, we still have Shabbat (Jewish Sabbath) for family time!

OO: So you left the rap game alone after your LP “Ali’Yah” and your follow up EP “The Blackest Brown”. As I mentioned before your affiliation with Sportn’ Life, after being apart of its success for so long, whats that relationship like now that you moved on?

NISSIM: My relationship there never changed. I still consider myself Sportn’ life. In fact if I could of made it all work at the time I would have. I was growing spiritually and had to make moves that were going to aid and assist me in my growth. The departure from Sportn’ Life was apart of what was happening for me at the time. I definitely didn’t see OEMC coming at all. The only reason I didn’t take my music efforts back to Sportn’ life was because we were originally going to do religious music strictly. We later decided to do both, as long as the contemporary music doesn’t effect our values. We all still tight, its still “the Life”.

OO: Your album “Ali’Yah” had a impact on people everywhere, you seem to have anxious fans across the nation even in countries like Africa who were touched. So, I have to ask or else it wouldn’t be right; Do you think that  theres a possibility D.Black will lace back up the cleats and come back in the game?

NISSIM: I would be lying if I said I don’t think about it sometimes. But, truly Im content for the time being. Im working on some cool projects and seeing artists grow and develop, and its exciting to be apart of. D.Black is dead, Nis lives on.

Keep up with Nissim on twitter; @NissimBlack

Real changes we can all learn from 2007 and beyond!!!

Rather than correct the-new-wave-of-positive-rap-by-moving-on/ we just going to move on just like our new friend Nissim Baruch

Now this is what we’re waiting for , the real deal! Real Change that makes a difference, just what Hashem wants us all to do before Yom Kippur (our holy day of repentance and connection)

Our new friend is bringing it back! And you can read the update from his bio below! Wow, he’s already made 2012 a good year and can’t wait to meet and dance in person!

Please be sure to connect with me on my band profile Listen to my new single “Unbelievable”
At: you,
Love & Blessings!NISSIM™ POWERED BY: OEMCo™

Nissim »

Born and raised in south Seattle, Damian Black, now known as Nissim hit the northwest hip hop stage…
About Nissim Nissim (formerly known as D.Black) is one-half of the band MA”SH. After growing up in Seward Park (Seattle, WA), Nissim can recall the Saturday mornings watching his Jewish neighbors make what seemed like a pilgrimage to synagogue for Sabbath prayers. He even tells stories of him playing basketball at one of the local synagogues. Although seeing this did not convince him to join the tribe, later in his years he questioned his Christian faith and began to study profusely and ultimately found Orthodox Judaism to be the right path. Since this revelation he has been attending Congregation Sephardic Bikur Holim in Seattle, WA, where he is making official conversion to Orthodox Judaism.After growing up in an undesirable household, full of drugs, alcohol, violence etc., he clung to music as his escape from the troubles of the world, in which he attempted to create his own world. In the early stages of that process he was known as D.Black, a street savvy rap artist/ producer who often told stories of life in the ghetto, with drugs, guns and money. As time went on we watched him transform into an intellectual on the microphone, speaking about being more aware of and changing societal norms and healing the world. At the peak of his moderate success in the music industry, he called it quits. He resigned from his executive position at Sportn’ Life Records and retired his “D.Black” jersey. Although, many will miss D.Black, they will be held in suspense by the music put forth by MA”SH his new band.
MA”SH which is a acronym for Malhut Shamayim (Kingdom of Heaven) is a two man band, members include Nissim and Yosef, who together were known as Black & Brown. The two, best friends since kindergarten, and now brother-in-laws, together have produced/ written music for local and international artist, which is something they continue to do. They refer to their sound as alternative soul, which maybe the best way to describe it. It’s full of live instruments that restore an “old school” feel, to the “old school” sound that they fabricate. Deep rooted in a soulful bliss and yet, still beset with loud guitars and heavy drums. Although the music may reflect a popular and modern spin on an old wheel, the content itself, is grounded. Their idea is to make music for the world and reflect their religious values without being proselytizing. Energy, ambition and focus best describe them, as they set out on a journey to effect change in the world of music.

This is a great wake up call for us all , as he has real talent and now connected into the real truth can with G-d’s help in 2012 and beyond make real needed change!

Check out Nissim as  President & CEO of OEMC

Orach Emet Music Company, LLC. is a music company that specializes in writing and producing music. OEMC is primarily a music production company for record labels, independent artist, film, TV / Radio, video games and websites. We comprise of a small variety of writers, producers, studio engineers, graphic designers, etc. OEMC offers several production packages that include artist development, production, song writing, pre & post-production consulting and studio recording for many different genres.

Anyhow, looking forward to a new year of the path of the Truth shinning out to the world with unity and moshiach now!

Still have a few questions and look forward to asking them in person , email me


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  1. NISSIM™ POWERED BY: OEMCo™, the original blog and vids, looking forward to see the miracles live and in person !

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