Nitel and the Fire of the Hassidim goes into the heart and into the world, kindly!

Cold winter days and times of change! Looking forward to host these holy dudes asap:) Introducing the artist formerly known as … now NISSIM™ POWERED BY: OEMCo™ powered by Emuna!

New Name, New Game. by Lovie Hops

Rebbe Noson’s Yartzeit – Chaim Kramer Video

December 23rd, 2012, In Events, by Yossi Katz

Chaim Kramer in Through Fire and Water ends off Rebbe Noson’s life story with these words:

Reb Noson felt that he had nothing of his own, but that all his vitality was channeled to him through the Rebbe. If Rebbe Nachman was Moshe, and “the face of Moshe was like the face of the sun” (Bava Basra l75a), then Reb Noson was his Yehoshua, and Yoshua’s face was like the face of the moon” (ibid.). The moon has no light of its own, only what it receives from the sun. The Breslover Chassidim could only ever have one Rebbe. Reb Nosson’s role was to be his main follower, and to show others how to follow Rebbe Nachman – through carrying out his teachings in practice in order to come to ‘eternal good. It is impossible to gaze at the sun without being blinded, but one can look at the moon and enjoy its reflected light.

As principle follower, Reb Noson “gives” Rebbe Nachman to all. NoSoN means “he has given!” To spread the Rebbe’s teachings, Reb Noson faced endless obstacles and unremitting opposition. His every step was weighed down by trials and tribulations. But his unflinching trust in God, his unwavering faith in Rebbe Nachman, his unbending willpower, his refusal to let his difficulties overwhelm him – all enabled him to build an everlasting Chassidus. As Reb Noson put it, “Isn’t it true, Yankel? God  always helps one to finish!” Reb Noson’s legacy remains for us for all Jews in all the generations – until Mashiach comes, speedily in our days, Amen (Tovos Zikhronos #8, p.l41).

Enjoy this lecture in honor of Rebbe Noson’s Yartzeit given in Lakewood, NJ a couple years ago above at the link!

  • diamondimagesphotography Who wants to hazard a guess as to what the wet patch on the table cloth is?
  • Eli Pmusic npw we’re talking shmultz herring , tznius ones more my style going to post this

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Sara Lee So my boys tell me that they both finish cheder & yeshiva early today cos of “nittel”. Why do boys & bachorim not learn Torah this evening can someone please explain as I just don’t get it I would have thought that the learning should be intensified. Just my opinion btw.
  • Deborah Cohen-Noy Cos it’s Xmas eve??!!
  • Ora Diskin They need to shop before the stores close? lol
    45 minutes ago via mobile · Like
  • יצחק.ב זכרון הנשמות your rite, i agree with you, its some chasidish masseh…….
    45 minutes ago · Like · 1
  • Eli Pmusic its like learning in the toliet /bathroom , better to think about soccer
    44 minutes ago · Like · 1
  • יצחק.ב זכרון הנשמות Eli Pmusic where do these ideas come from?
  • Sara Lee Not For US or You. Surely they should be learning more we don’t celebrate or recognise this pagan holiday Deborah Cohen-Noy we have more than enough beautiful chagim to celebrate than partaking of theres B”H xox
    42 minutes ago · Like
  • Eli Pmusic every day has a connection to people Midnightrabbi inspires like j.c. is his day= toliet he’s buring in fesis until 50,000 yovels ,see gemarah gitten so we dont want to give it any of the power of torah, some some say israel is differet to this old scool minhag, as its all holy and when shabbos falls the same day no problem at all
  • Sara Lee Yitzchak what does “Nittel” mean?
    42 minutes ago · Like
  • Dov Avraham Ben-Shorr There is an opinion – I don’t agree with it – that one doesn’t learn on “his” birthday, so as not to “accidentally” give him any merit, because he was, after all Jew, and when Jews learn Torah, all Jews receive merit in the next world on some level. …See More
    41 minutes ago · Like · 2
  • יצחק.ב זכרון הנשמות nittel is somthing made up about 250 years ago,
  • Sara Lee Who made it up?
    40 minutes ago · Like
  • Dov Avraham Ben-Shorr I believe Habad, but not 100% sure. Clearly it has hasidic roots.
    40 minutes ago · Like
  • Eli Pmusic its not made up , its based on the secrets of creation in time , soul and place, the arizal and tzaddikim of old explain this klippah and shell and are very careful with this custom
  • Sara Lee Yes it does Dov Avraham Ben-Shorr that much I do know.
    39 minutes ago · Like
  • Eli Pmusic nah its not chabad lol internet is not much of a place for a shiur on toah and minhag
  • Sara Lee Eli Pmusic you are spot on re the toilet
    39 minutes ago · Like · 1
  • Dov Avraham Ben-Shorr I know Habad “observes” it
    38 minutes ago · Like
  • Eli Pmusic nitel is connected to the word which is hanging, or nun sharei tumah tal,
    38 minutes ago · Like
  • יצחק.ב זכרון הנשמות

    ניטל – ויקיפדיה

    ‫נִיטָל או נִיתָּל (נהגה “ניטְל”, בשווא נח), וכן ניטל נאַכט (ביידיש: “ליל ניטל”)…See More
  • Eli Pmusic i grew up in the english scool church songs and visits and reverend bible class, thank G-d im not a goi and learn where the truth comes from ]
  • Sara Lee why hanging? He the J guy was on a cucifix no?
    37 minutes ago · Like
  • Dov Avraham Ben-Shorr Ah, as in talui hanging. Like a sling. But, the day of Nitel? Every day the world is hanging as such, according to Sefer HaYetsirah
  • Ora Diskin Sara Lee, you have deep questions that require deep answers…
    36 minutes ago via mobile · Unlike · 2
  • Dov Avraham Ben-Shorr No the world is described as “hanging” in Iyov (Job) and the Sefer Yetsirah brings the concept to the level of sod.
  • Sara Lee Ora Diskin hiya sweetie it bothers me that they are not learning & finishing early today cos of this holiday of pure tumah.
    35 minutes ago · Like
  • Eli Pmusic either way about the chinuch issue, i recommend saying tehilm at graves of tzaddikim or using it as time to talk about real issues and connect , not every min of our life is about learning more
  • Sara Lee B”H Eli Pmusic you cam to the emet & realisation of Hashem Echad!!!
  • Sara Lee True Eli.
  • Sara Lee So tehillim is okay thats good to know
  • Eli Pmusic Hashem achad is the key to get rid of all the negativity , that even this day is all from Hashem onenes
  • Ora Diskin There! Family time lovely Sara… But you’re right. xxx
  • Sara Lee Thanks for the link Yitzchak but i need one in English please.
    32 minutes ago · Unlike · 1
  • Eli Pmusic family time is an everyday need , not just with an excuse
  • Sara Lee Yes so true!!! Can’t stand this time of year to be honest i prefer to hibernate
  • Ora Diskin Hibernate I do Sara. I understand.

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