The book Revealing the Secret II

Shabbos Chazak and live for ever with strength and nachus 🙂
The book Revealing the Secret II (on Shemos, Vayikra, Purim, Pesach and more) has now been released!
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Yosef swore that the Children of Israel would be redeemed [1]. But in reality, we see [2] that many remained behind in Egypt. How can we reconcile this?

Moshe was due to fly back to America from Israel to participate in a family wedding. Having much luggage he decided to go for an early check in on Kanfei Nesharim street in Givat Shaul. He had to be there by 2pm.
He got in a taxi “Givat shaul – quickly please!” and made small talk with driver. He arrived at 12:45
Finally it was his turn.
“Passport please”.
But Moshe could not find his passport. After organising a place for his baggage he returned back to his dormitory for his passport. To cut a long story short, after many phone calls and an extensive search later, Moshe, defeated, found himself waiting in the old city for a taxi back to pick up his baggage. He couldn’t find his passport anywhere, he probably would miss the wedding and what’s more he only had a few minutes to retrieve his baggage. And now no taxi would stop for him – hardly surprising: why take a student when just up the road there were endless amounts if tourists who also gave generous tips.
Finally he was desperate and he stepped in front of an empty taxi. The driver wound down his window to rebuke him, but Moshe simply got in the taxi and stated his destination.
“Givat Shaul – quickly please!”
“I recognise that instruction,” thought the driver and turned around.
For the first time in 10 months Moshe had taken the same taxi driver!
Moshe looked around and saw his passport on the seat!
They arrived at 1:59!

Yosef swore that ‘the Children of Israel’ would have a ticket to freedom. But his oath also included a prerequisite of being a part of the exodus: to be part of the Children of Israel [3]. This was the passport to the redemption. A ticket without a passport is useless.

The final redemption will be similar to the exodus from Egypt [4]. All of our ‘baggage’ that we have accumulated in this world will either help us or hinder us: it all depends on how we spend our time in this world.
The promise of the final redemption is our ‘ticket’ to the ultimate goal of life. But it is all useless without a valid passport. Will we pass passport control: can we be identified by our passports? To be a part of the final redemption, we have to behave like a member of the Jewish people.

Have a really Jewish Shabbos,


Additional sources:
Story based on: In the Spirit of the Maggid, p. 221, R. Paysach Krohn
[1] Bereishis 50:25
[2] Rashi, Shemos 13:18
[3] See also Revealing the Secret: SHEMOS – Vaeira, ‘That’s Majuk!’
[4] Sanhedrin 111a
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2) watch this space for shemos and vayikra
3) looking for sponsors and dedications for bamidbar and…

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