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Latest Return from Eli in teli with a present or 2, advice is golden! Came home with a present or 2 thanks to Jeff Keni Pulver amazing transformation and successful experience and friendship,
Real pleasure :DAmazing!

Just in, Jeff Pulver 2014 Crowd Sourced Motivation 😀 amazing to see how #guides and #relationships develop and transform. Enjoyed the latest pics of @jeffpulver and @midnightrabbi with hugs:D We can believe in ourselves and become leaders too.

I did it! I am at my doctor’s office and I reached my goal weight (220 pounds / 100 kilograms). I have officially lost 114+ pounds / 52 kilograms in my body transformation journey.

Today my doctor further reduced my blood pressure meds.

My next step is to start refinement mode, which means building muscle and reducing body fat. I hope to NEVER go back to how I used to live. I plan to: Live. Life. NOW!

A year ago at Colgate…

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