Holocaust to Hope- This campaign is being run in support of a great cause.

Today, about 250,000 survivors are living in Israel, 30,000 of whom live in the area of Jaffa and South Tel Aviv. The Jaffa Institute distributes food packages to 120 Holocaust survivors on a bimonthly basis and 250 survivors during the Holiday times.

During our Holocaust to Hope Campaign, our goal is to raise $5,600 in order to provide 10 packages per week for a total of eight weeks to the survivors that we serve. The campaign will begin on Holocaust Remembrance Day, as the international community recalls the horrors and the bondage of the Holocaust, and it will come to a close eight weeks later on Passover, as the Jewish community celebrates its liberation from oppression-both biblical and modern day.

Join us in not only remembering the victims, but also in celebrating the strength and perseverance of a minority who we must continue to support both because of the tragedies of their past, and because of their struggles in the present.

Thank you for your support! Support this great cause and share the word Holocaust to Hope with JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith mention eli in donations thanks !

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Rabbi LauRabbi Lau on Holocaust Day: Focus on Life

Israel news photo: Flash 90
On Holocaust Memorial Day Israel should think not only of how European Jews died, but of how they lived, Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau said in a special interview with Kol B’Rama. Rabbi Lau, the Chief Rabbi of Tel Aviv, survived the Holocaust as a child.
Speaking of educating Israelis regarding the Holocaust, Rabbi Lau said, “It was very important that they knew not only how Jews died in consecration of G-d’s name. It was even more important that they know how those Jews lived to honor the divine name, until they arose to heaven.”
“To learn about the lives of those communities, about their leaders… How Jews’ lives looked before the Holocaust, their faith, their faith in the rabbis, their good and honesty, Torah and good deeds. There is so much to learn from them,” he continued.
“Another message is to know and to appreciate the fact that we have a home of our own,” he said. “With all the difficulties and disagreements and internal wars, this is our home, and we have to hang on to it because we have no other home.”
Finally, he said, “There in Buchenwald were Jews from Poland and Hungary, from Russia and from Lithuania, from Germany and from Thessaloniki and Bulgaria. We always knew how to die together. The time has come for us to know how to live together, too.” <- click here and like the Struggle goup!



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  5. […] In order to combat the widespread hunger and malnutrition present in our service areas, the Jaffa Institute’s Food Distribution Center delivers food parcels to 350 needy families and 47 holocaust survivors on a regular basis. These packages generally contain food staples including rice, pasta, tuna and canned vegetables, and aim to alleviate hunger as an impediment to learning at school or finding employment. However, the Jaffa Institute recognizes the important role that festive foods play in the celebration of many Jewish holidays, such Rosh Hashana and Succot. During these holiday periods, the Food Distribution Center expands the number of families on its distribution list and adds special holiday-related treats to the parcels. This Rosh Hashana, in order to help more impoverished families observe the Jewish holiday with dignity and joy, the Food Distribution Center delivered parcels which included delicious honey and honey cake as well as grape juice for sanctification to 1,500 needy families and 150 holocaust survivors – more than tripling our regular distribution list click here <- for more info thanks  […]

  6. […] you for your support! Eli Goldsmith aka midnightrabbi ->holocaust-to-hope-this-campaign-is-being-run-in-support-of-a-great-cause <- click for […]

  7. […] Thank you for your support! Eli Goldsmith aka midnightrabbi <- click for more!  […]

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