Really work hard for the inner truth!

holding-onto-our-connection-to-g-d.html – work hard for the inner truth!

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Who is the Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh – R. Itamar Shwartz?

He is an Israeli rabbi and author of the highly regarded “Bilvavi Mishkan Evneh” series (“In My Heart I Will Build a Mishkan”).

It’s likely because your mitzvot are separate from one another and no one has taught you to use them as the building blocks to construct a larger structure. A Mishkan in your heart. 
Each Jew’s lifelong task isn’t just to serve Hashem at an intellectual level, but to integrate that service into our hearts. Once we learn to penetrate our hearts, we are meant to use our hearts to connect to our Creator directly.
Unfortunately, building that foundation for our personal Mishkan is something that very few Jews have been taught today – and that’s true of every community across the Jewish world. It’s a big part of why we often daven every day on “automatic” and our…

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