Lazer Lloyd And Beyond @MidnightrabbiMysticMusic Hour With The Fortunate Ones!

Here’s some of the pics from the show<-click here and vids on the way! We Hope To Bring The Whole Band Here Soon With A Rockin’ Midnightrabbi Concert For More Fortunate Ones! Bs’d! Whoever would like to sponsor a show would kindly email thanks !

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Happy times ahead, 🙂 hosting together a build up 2 Click to visit the original postPurim 2014 with Lazer Lloyd March 2nd was beyond and Purim itself with HaMakor even more beyond.

HaMakor and more great acts with your donations will be performing Purim for the Fortunate ones please G-d @Yeshivat Ashreinu! Email to sponsor thanks!

 Performing here<- Melave Malka for info email or phone 0573175856 and to sponsor the show thanks!
Hamakor will be performing Purim for the Fortunate ones please G-d @Yeshivat Ashreinu!

We are so excited to have hosted Lazer Lloyd and one of the talented Solomon brothers, Sruli, at our Midnightrabbi Mystic Music hour with the Fortunate ones!

His talent is beyond words and take a glimpse at the best jewish guitarist around. Even my father and mum was here for this show and loved it beyond talent,  thank G-d! We hope to bring the whole band here soon with…

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3 thoughts on “Lazer Lloyd And Beyond @MidnightrabbiMysticMusic Hour With The Fortunate Ones!

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  2. […] promote good self esteem among Israeli youth and anglo students in Israel. Past performers include Lazer LLoyd, Ari Lesser, Yosef Dainel, Hamakor, Yosef Karduner, Shtar, Boruch Vidal,  Avraham Pilcer,  Az […]

  3. […] promote good self esteem among Israeli youth and anglo students in Israel. Past performers include Lazer LLoyd, Ari Lesser, Yosef Dainel, Hamakor, Yosef Karduner, Shtar, Boruch Vidal,  Avraham Pilcer, […]

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