Gym love story continues to inspire!

Midnightrabbi is really inspired by Jeff Pulver’s post and recent breakfast with Eli in Teli! As the gym changed my life for the good , as i got focused, healthy disciplined and met my wife to be for the 1st time, just ask her, and my brother Jeremy Goldsmith who took me there for the first time! Thanks and hugs Sir Jeff!

Midnightrabbi Inspires wants your opinion on this 1st stage of new book idea thanks, a world changer 🙂

The needed  Spiritual Guide to the husband to make a happy wifey! To be “together”, Eliyahu Eliezer! Bs’d
Copyright to Eli Goldsmith Shlita !The Ant Infestation and smiley cake!It was a special day of deeds of kindness, as many good husbands … 13 in 2013

Midnightrabbi Inspires

 The Comfort of our people is that we are always One!

Imagine over a decade ago just before the twin towers fell! 2 souls got engaged and erected 2 strong towers that become one and will never be destroyed with this eternal unity! Remember under two decades ago when 2 souls first met. Well truth is here your going to have to imagine. In Heaven its harder to make matches/ Shidduchim than splitting the Red Sea. However, that is what Hashem, Himself was busy with, since the beginning of time.

2 souls are yearning to meet. And meet they do, on Yom Kippur day outside after Shul hopping in their secular atire / earings 2.

Souls of a Tisha B’av generation, estranged from their peoples roots but tapped in enough to know that today, Yom Kippur,  is a holy day.

Their souls meet and she knows he’s the one but…

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One thought on “Gym love story continues to inspire!

  1. The Breakie also brought souls together 🙂

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