New stars that are shinning brighter!

13 in 2013-bar-mitzvah-celebrations-is-in-your-hands!

Oded Ashkenazi Thanks for the great tour!

Chappy birthday Tate and thanks Yonatan Razel for your great new album, which we recommend!

Yonatan Razel is an Israeli singer, writer, composer, musical arranger and conductor!

Yonatan Razel- New album

Nigun Belz is the second single from Yonatan Razel’s new CD. Just five

years after he released his debut album, “Sach Hakol” has reached the status of GOLD and the sales has surpasses 30,000 CDs. After the huge success of the song “Vehi Sheomdoh” which was released in 2008 by singer Yaakov Shwekey. Razel returns to work with Eviatar Banai and is currently finishing recording his second album to be released in the next few weeks. The new album will include 10 including songs penned songs and melodies and texts from the scriptures. “This melody” says Razel “has always touched me, it is a gift something that has rested for a moment, takes you back up and up again and again”. “When we recorded the album, I had a thought suddenly to re-introduce this song to the musical world I grew up in, the world of classical music”. It started as meditation and slowly caught “size” although this result is still perceived as a kind of “anecdote” – but anyway, baruch Hashem it is joyful and refreshing.

Click the play button to listen to this sampler.

Found a new star Midnightrabbi inspiresd and i don’t mean Matisyahu lol Levi Robin time to get acquainted 🙂 


3 thoughts on “New stars that are shinning brighter!

  1. @gutman locks :)))))) little bit strong to the point! “Slut!”

    Jews Should Marry Jews

    (Video Link)


    As a Jewish girl I notice you talk to the boys more. It’s because of the whole “You’re only Jewish if your mother is Jewish,” correct? I find that law has slut-shaming undertones. What? Us women are so evil that you can never believe us when we say who the fathers of our children are? And you are saying that the Torah isn’t anti-feminist? Because it seems like it is, and that Judaism hates women, or thinks of us as nothing but evil whores. That’s what my feminist friends and classes say. You still haven’t addressed this issue yet. Is it true? Why was this law invented? You know what slut-shaming is, right? Seriously, check your misogyny [woman hatred].

    Gutman’s Reply:

    I speak with girls, too, but since I stand on the men’s side of the Kotel I speak to many more boys than girls.

    Your friends and classes are misleading you terribly. The Torah teaches us to honor and respect women. The law that the children are Jewish if their mother is Jewish points to the great respect that we have for women. The Jewish women are the actual foundation of the Jewish people. This has always been the case.

    The law was not invented. We see this with our righteous ancestors Avraham and Sarah whose son Yitzchak was Jewish, but Avraham’s other sons from Hagar and Keturah were not Jewish. The actual law comes from a warning that we should not let our sons take non Jewish wives lest they lead our sons to idolatry. Such is the influence of women.

    The mothers have their children at home alone for years before they are sent out to school. She is the greatest influence not only on their physical lives, but even more so, on their spiritual lives. Her ways are ingrained in her children from their earliest years.

    But even more wondrous is that the actual Hebrew word “daughter” is spelled the same as the word “house”. This is not a recent invention. It has always been spelled this way. The High Priest is told on the holiest day of the year to make atonement for himself and for his house, and his house is his wife.[i]

    Whereas the men build up the walls of the house and protect it, the home itself is supported by its foundation, the wife and mother of their children.

    Whoever has found a good wife has indeed found a treasure. In fact, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from G-d.”[ii] “Any man who has no wife lives without joy, without blessing, and without goodness.”[iii] “A man who does not marry is not a complete person.”[iv]

    As you can see, your friends’ and classes’ charges against the Torah are just not true.

    [i] Leviticus 16:6

    [ii] Proverbs 18:21

    [iii] Gemora Yebamah 62b

    [iv] Zohar parshat Acharei Mot

    The children would be Jews but usually the children are raised with the father’s religion so it is likely that the Jewish children would intermarry and soon the family would no longer be Jewish

    Eli Pmusic He’s got guts Gutman Locks Midnightrabbi inspires

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