Getting ready for Lag B’Omer 2013! Meron and the whole world lights up on Lag B’Omer!

Only 2 weeks to go till Lag Bomer 2013 5773 lights us all up, come share your inspirations 🙂 the-inspirational-fire-of-lag-bomer-2012!The Middah of Tiferes. PART TWO in a Series on the Seven Middos of Sefirah 

Last week we discussed the first two Middos, Chesed and Gevurah. During the third week of Sefirah we work on the third Middah which is Tiferes, the middah which balances these two extremes. Tiferes doesn’t mix Chesed and Gevurah together to create a neutral entity, as one would mix white and red to obtain pink, rather, Tiferes gives us the ability to know in what context each middah should be used.
Tiferes translates as beauty because beauty is the result of harmony. A painting or a song is beautiful because each color or note is placed exactly where it is supposed to be. Each entity maintains its character but combines with all the other in order to produce a harmonious, balanced result.
Tiferes is also termed the Middah of Emes, truth, as it sees each thing for what truly is and designates its correct position. Tiferes is the middah of Torah because it is the Torah that assigns each creature its authentic position.
While Avraham personified Chesed, and Yitzchak Din, Yaakov embodied the middah of Tiferes. ‘Truth (the middah of Tiferes) was given to Yaakov’ (Micha 7:20). As discussed last week, both Chesed and Din have unhealthy extremes. Both Avraham and Yitzchak had children who chose the evil aspect of their fathers’ heritage and were lost to holiness. All of Yaakov’s descendents, however, remained part of the chosen nation. That is because there is no evil side to Tiferes. Truth is the monopoly of holiness.
This does not mean that Tiferes cannot be imitated by evil. Beauty in all its forms is commonly misused or overemphasized. However, authentic Tiferes can be found only in holiness.
Source: Sefirah Shiur #1 and Tanya Shiur #7

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Midnightrabbi Inspires

The highest moment is within and the fire shines to all around.

‪#‎Inspired new article to spread the light of ‪#‎positive‪#‎focus and ‪#‎Emunah‬! You are invited to share this onward and upwards. We appreciate all your support and thank all our friends, people and talents I have enjoyed working with. – >…/

The Light within and without in Jerusalem to be revealed 🙂

Thanks for all the prayers for cholei Yisrael whose are all please G-d on the mend thanks to your support and Baruch Hashem, Hodu L’Hashem kitov “Its good to thank G-d” the real healer!
New vids and pics from lag bomer 2013-7
R’ Mottel Zilber – Pre-Lag Ba’Omer Hisorerus –
Rav Zilber spoke in English about Sefirah and Lag Ba’Omer. The importance of purifying ourselves in preparation for receiving the Torah. Changing

Rebbe Rav Tzvi Meir Silberberg lights…

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