The Haredim and the IDF and miracles!

Boruch Samuel Bovi Vidal – Mazel Tov on your service!!!!

יום רביעי יום אחרון שלי בצבא, לא יכול לחקות להיתקדם בחיים, ולהתחיל דברים מגניבים וחדשים..חביה חדש חיים חדש.. שבועב טוב, וחג שמח לכולם..

from Boruch Vidal a good friend and inspirational Rapper! 

Today we mark the Day of Remembrance for 25,578 Fallen Israeli Soldiers and Victims of Terrorism.

13 in 2013-bar-mitzvah-celebrations-is-in-your-hands!

Help our new up to date Facebook page get lots of likes and help this cause above as the boys aren’t getting younger!

bet basket ball boys

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Click here ->Its good to remember the miracles G-d does for us all elipmusic 

Boruch Samuel Bovi Vidal
R.I.p to all of the fallen soldiers of Israel, and all the other victims of terror we are thankful for the sacrafice you have given.
I hope you guys are in a better place.. A meaningful memorial day.
MidnighterRabbi congratulates Boruch Vidal on your army service and looks forward to hear good news from everything you do with blessings and more music success:)

bovi and midnighter

The Six Day War and Tefillin – May 28, 1967

thanks too

A brief history of the Six Day War and the Rebbe’s call for all Jewish men, particularly soldiers in the IDF to don Tefillin as a special merit for added security. A miracle a day just for U ! and more…

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    Boruch Samuel Bovi Vidal – Mazel Tov on your service!!!!

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