The Guiding point! Make it a reality, a real need!

You can make the-guiding-point-make-it-a-reality-a-real-need in today’s world! Contact details are on the blog!

The Guide for Husband Wifey happy!

So you all might be thinking as your reading this book, what the Husband are you getting @? This isn’t me; I never did such a ridiculous set of deeds like this spiritually adept person. However, the point of this book is not just to entertain, to waste your time and money. Rather, to educate us all, including myself, to awaken the soul to this crucial mission, and make a difference in our Husband truly making happy our Wifey. The spiritual path to do this is bottom line as all of Jewish history as a good example, is to learn from the mistakes and get it right!

Below is an image of Husband (the sun) and Wifey (the moon) shinning together beautiful and united, as will be in the days of new. With thanks to Shalom Bayit (Peace in the home) on facebook!We all agree we are standing at…

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One thought on “The Guiding point! Make it a reality, a real need!

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