Elyon- Eliezer Kosoy Soul-ful sounds and Teacher!

Real Jewish inspired music!!!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Book Elyon so your simchas can be filled with much blessing and great music- hope we can sing together asap!

Elyon hope to be in the States on request! , book us now for a great tour 00972- (0)53 311 4867.

We have posted our latest music on elyonsong and hope u all get inspired and sing inspired! New ablum coming very soon!

We have also included our latest videos and hope to be coming out with a new album asap. See below some of our favorite lyrics that have inspired us all!

Elyon- Eliezer Kosoy soul-ful sounds and teacher! Appreciates  Yonason Hill for all his great talent and soul.

Also would like to thanks the midnightrabbi  and tribute-to-shmuel-diamond-and-diamondimagesphotography for all their support and help. With much blessings and thanks to everybody else too!


Book Guitar lessons “build your confidence through the gift of music. With a professional patience teacher…

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