Happy Wifey, Husband too, the special gift and guide, and kitchen counters too!

Have a great holiday Shavous 2013 and don’t forget to thank Wifey for the Cheesecake and ice coffee, or else!!!

The Guide for Husband Wifey happy!

Encounters with the kitchen counter again!


We already established in a few different ways what counts to help make Husband, Wifey happy, however we didn’t count on the numerous ways to stimulate the kitchen counter to get clearer and thrown our Husbands way. So let’s get it straight with clarity and apply the crucial lessons we just heard recently by our Husband from the infamous Rabbi Manis Friedman shlita. Did you know this special Rabbi has a brother that has brought more happiness to Wifey than almost anyone with his songs, “Avraham Fried” (just look up the Google haDor and see the story that they really are brothers). The importance of happy song and soul filling Wifey’s home time, cheering on Husband’s newly focused time, with her can’t be underestimated. Then there’s an important theme that needs private sessions on either from your close Rabbi, Guide or if you’re…

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3 thoughts on “Happy Wifey, Husband too, the special gift and guide, and kitchen counters too!


    A Midnightrabbi inspires spiritual guide to make a practical difference!

    Posted this for R’moshe Weinberger inspires me everyday 🙂 Chag somayach and hope we can bring this holyness into every day life 🙂
    Eli Goldsmith Thank G-d we have Rav moshe Weinberger to teach!!! Midnightrabbi inspired 🙂 going to post this for shevous the yahrzeit of the Baal shem tov and Dovid Hamelech predecessors of Rebbe Nachman, may there merit protect us and enliven us with their light! 🙂

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