Midnightrabbi wants us to make a “music 4 youth” Unity concert, with special guests T.B.A.

Rabbi Goldsmith is once again hosting youth music concerts to promote a music revolution on-line and beyond bringing us good self esteem among Israeli youth and anglo students in Israel. Past performers include Lazer LLoyd, Ari Lesser, Yosef Dainel, Hamakor, Yosef Karduner, ShtarBoruch Vidal and Avraham Pilcer<-,  Az Yashir, , Hello Sid, Sam Fisher and other young enthusiastic top class musicians.

We hope to be hosting @music by Nissim baruch in with the Fortuante ones and more in Bet Shemesh, Israel<- and T..B.A. for the new year (october 2013 time before 2014) see below and comments in how you can get involved thanks 🙂 Unity-concert-with-special-guests-T.B.A.

The Unity of the Bands was so successful thank G-d, it is returning again for the new school year at a new alcohol-free club for youth The Bet Shemesh Educational Center. Rabbi Goldsmith spoke on Israel National Radio’s The Beat about how music can positively influence young adults to change for the better.

INR: So tell us who you are and how you became the Midnight Rabbi

Rabbi Goldsmith: I grew up in London and have been in Eretz Yisrael for ten years. I’ve seen from being in a few different yeshivas like Ohr Somayach the importance of music –  especially me being a baal teshuvah and being involved in London in the music industry. My family, Harvey Goldsmith and my father Martin Goldsmith put on big events. I would see the effect of the music industry had on the youth. I wanted to be a famous rock singer at one point when I was a teenager. I won a “battle of the bands” in London. I’m still close to those guys because music has a bonding effect.

INR: What was the name of your old band?

Rabbi Goldsmith: Common Ground. It was about unity even in that world. But now the boys are coming to yeshiva not just for music but for spiritual reasons. So it can be a spiritually defined purpose. The music has the power to combine the physical with the spiritual. I see that with the bochurim [yeshiva students]. It brings out their self esteem and togetherness.

INR: What were your father’s big events?

Rabbi Goldstein: He helped do Live Aid. There’s an interesting hashkacha pratis [Divine guidance] story about someone else who’s been helping – Jeff Pulver. My dad arranged to get him into the Led Zepplin reunion concert at Royal Albert Hall. Personally, I don’t listen to their music and don’t think their a good influence on the kids at all. Jeff Pulver likes them very much, and he’s a good guy, so the hashkacha pratis is that even from such a place, he ended up contributing a decent amount of money to the studio the boys have been using.

It has a drum kit, piano, amps speaker system and even rebbes have been using it to speak their drashas on. Even though the kids are unfortunatley drawn to this type of music, especially the rap world, when they come with the right intentions, and inspiration, they elevate this type of music. It’s an amazing thing and that what it was at Unity of the Bands.

INR: So why do they call you the Midnight Rabbi?

Rabbi Goldsmith: A few years back I was walking around the street late at night and was surprised to see how many young people were out there. I was learning full time and was learning very shtark [to appear to be religious]. I thought there needs to be something done in the kiruv world late at night. So I asked my wife and she agreed that I should pursue this. The first yeshiva was Netzach, where they called me the X-Box Rebbe because I used to see them where they used to play the video games late at night. Then it ended up Ner Yaakov which offered me an even later position, so they called me the Midnight Rabbi. So it came from the boys themselves. The idea was for me to come late at night.

I remember this one student, his first month or so in yeshiva, he used to come back drunk out of his face. Last year at an end-of-the year party, he told me he thought maybe he was having hallucinations because every night he would find this rabbi that he could sit and talk with about deeper things. And every morning he would wake up — well not really in the morning, maybe in the afternoon — and he would say, “Did I meet a rabbi last night? I can’t remember.” It made a deep impression on him and the whole year we had a good connection.

INR: Do you actually like rap and rock?

Rabbi Goldsmith: For me personally, I don’t think any of this music is ideal. I don’t listen to it in my own house. But my strength is from my past because I can bridge these gaps when I talk to them. At this point that’s where they’re at. I’m more just a stepping stone. I can’t be the end result. It’s about elevating the sparks with real content and the musicians themselves being real Role models for a honest true future!

INR: When is your next event?

Rabbi Goldsmith: hoping with your help to begin 5774, 2013-14 with some new shows and some new surprise guests T.B.A. like Ari LesserAri Lesser

So happy to get ready for 2014 with Ari this year in top form 🙂 

And  Elyon 

We have posted our latest music on elyonsong and hope u all get inspired and sing inspired!

We have also included our latest videos and hope to be coming out with a new album asap. See below some of our favourite lyrics that have inspired us all!

Elyon- Eliezer Kosoy soul-ful sounds and teacher! Appreciates  Yonason Hill for all his great talent and soul 🙂 

And HaMakor for the second time thank G-d We Are So Excited To Have Hosted 3 of the Solomon Bros and now a fourth ofThe Talented Solomon Brothers, Yosef, formerly of the Moshav band, At Our Midnightrabbi Mystic Music Hour With The Fortunate Ones! Their Talent Is Beyond Words And Take A Glimpse At The Best Jewish Music Brothers Around. We all Loved It Beyond Talent,  Thank G-D! We Hope To Bring The Whole Band and brothers Here Soon With A Rockin’ Midnightrabbi Concert For More Fortunate Ones! Bs’d! The pics are here <-

And Yosef Karduner for the really fortunate ones ! <- click here for more on this great musician! And click yosef-karduner-live-midnightrabbi-mystic-music-hanukah-bet-shemesh-with-yeshivat-ashreinu for more audio of the live concet and blog with vids other acts inc. yosef-karduner-live-midnightrabbi-mystic-music-chanukah!<- click here and here<- for pics!

And Shtar performed here for us, Shtar means a commitment and sincere real talent , you got that!As we all struggle on, looking forward to hosting Shtar again @Bet Shemesh Educational Center for the fortunate ones at yeshivat Ashreinu , for the Midnightrabbi mystic music hour SHtark , nice movie Shtar glasses guys as the Shtar rises up! 🙂

 Happy times ahead, 🙂

And Lazer Lloyd,

We are so excited to have hosted Lazer Lloyd and one of the talented Solomon brothers, Sruli, at our Midnightrabbi Mystic Music hour with the Fortunate ones!

And new on our shores please G-d, Introducing The Artist Formerly Known As … Now Nissim Baruch BLACK!

Eli played miracle-music and Unbelievable!


Includes my new single “UNBELIEVABLE” and many more amazing songs.
Miracle Music, by NISSIM

bovi and midnighter

Boruch Samuel Bovi Vidal

R.I.p to all of the fallen soldiers of Israel, and all the other victims of terror we are thankful for the sacrafice you have given.

I hope you guys are in a better place.. A meaningful memorial day.
MidnighterRabbi congratulates Boruch Vidal on your army service and looks forward to hear good news from everything you do with blessings and more music success:)

INR: These concerts are for 16-19 and more year olds?

Rabbi Goldsmith: Yes. They do a good a job, they did a lot of the groundwork this age group in the past. My goal was to get these guys to run their own events and make them independent. We’ll see from U Muse, which stands for Youth 4 Music, that the youth themselves have the power to lift up all their friends and family. I don’t see that style of music as the goal, but it’s definitely a big step for the world to get to a more spiritual place. The lyrics represent a more positive message.

INR: Do you have any final words about your projects?

Rabbi Goldsmith: I appreciate your interest. Really what you’ve done for the boy’s self esteem, it will help them for the rest of their lives. You have a big mitzvah.

And it’s time wake up and begin the new year with some new shows…!!!!ASAP contact Eli 🙂 umuse613@gmail.com Send us the sponsors and advertisements so we can get moving right now Midnightrabbi inspires


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  1. […] We hope to be hosting @music by Nissim baruch in with the Fortuante ones and more in Bet Shemesh, Israel<- and T..B.A. for the new year (october 2013 time before 2014) see below and comments in how you can get involved thanks Unity-concert-with-special-guests-T.B.A. […]

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    Good memories boys its time to start the unity concerts again Midnightrabbi inspiresd , coming soon 🙂 for JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith — in Jerusalem.

  3. […] We hope to be hosting @music by Nissim baruch in with the Fortuante ones and more in Bet Shemesh, Israel <- and T..B.A. for the new year see below and comments in how you can get involved thanks  Unity-concert-with-special-guests-T.B.A. […]

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