13 In 2013 to 2014, Special Bar Mitzvah Celebration With Thanks To More Support!


This Sunday was 13-> In 2013 Special Bar Mitzvah Celebration With Thanks To Your Support, A truly inspiring day with 13 in 2013, thank G-d the big recent donations and hugs with the boys helped a lot 10000 offline, and 1800$ online you to can help with 13 in 2014 as our boys live on to be men inspired and our new set of boys want to be able to follow suit with your kind and generous support<-

Great vids too, all coming soon:) ->-http://www.youtube.com/watch

Updates On Our Sister Organizations Of From Our Newsletter coming soon 13 in 2013


Today is the 17th Yahrtzeit of the Lubavitcher Rebbe zatza”l. The Midnightrabbi is one of His children B’H! May His merit protect us!<-and help us click here:)

facebook.com/media/set <- more Tefilin and Rebbe inspiration JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith  keep being kind its the Rebbe of Chabad’s way we can all learn from and achieve!
Donate here ->http://www.jaffainstitute.org/online-donations-to-the-jaffa-institute and in the comments say that you are Eli’s friend.
We were honored to have invited you to support the celebration of 25 of our youngsters who reached their Bar Mitzvah milestone this year. The ceremony took place in the new dining room at The Bet Shemesh Educational Center on Rosh Chodesh Tamuz, 9.6.13. Becoming Bar Mitzvah is often the most significant event in a teenage boy’s life. It marks the important boundary between childhood and adulthood and is generally a time for great joy as well as reflection. Sadly, many of the students at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center simply cannot afford to celebrate this special occasion because of their families’ financial hardship.This year, the Bet Shemesh Educational Center seeks to fulfill the dreams of its Bar Mitzvah boys. The parents were over joyed at the opportunity we gave them with your kind donations. After completing an educational course about the significance of becoming Bar Mitzvah, each of the boys was given a set of teffilin, and a tallit, as well as a small gift (brand new watches) in honor of the momentous event.


They also had the opportunity to celebrate their special day with their families and friends, they were all treated to a luxuriously catered meal and taken on an exciting field trip to the Kotel and old city for various tours, pizza and more. For more info click below in comments.This meaningful day of growth and celebration will be unforgettable for our students! If you would like to help a Bar Mitzvah
boy receive a truly special Bar Mitzvah celebration for the new year of students, please click in comments (and mention eli in comments) or contact Eli umuse613@gmail.com or phone 0573175856/ 00972573175856 Your participation gave us great pleasure Eli Goldsmith and Dr. David J.

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