“The moving house too many times stories”, “only in Israel”, OII!

Keep on moving, but make sure its in the right direction and for the right cause 🙂

The Guide for Husband Wifey happy!

So who wants to own up and like our Husband admit how much torture can he put Wifey through. Everyone knows whose moved house knows how hard and traumatic it is. Some even compare moving house to having a baby. Now try growing up moving house numerous times, then finally finding our Husband, getting married hoping to settle and instead moving several times while having numerous babies several times. After years of child rearing and moving house life can get a bit tense and wearisome. Our Wifey did find comfort that everywhere she moved she had the best and most efficient movers around “Eliezer’s movers” (a good name don’t you think?). These giant men of wonder took apart and more importantly put back together with more efficiency as the A-team on a good day (old scool team of professional fix it soldiers). However, every apartment they moved our Husband and…

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One thought on ““The moving house too many times stories”, “only in Israel”, OII!

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