Holocaust survivor Leibel Zisman, who passed away Shabbos, Baruch Dayan Ha’Emet!

Smuggling Tefillin into Auschwitz

Holocaust survivor Leibel Zisman, who passed away Shabbos, tells how he smuggled Tefillin into Auschwitz death camp.

VIDEO: Courtesy of TorahCafe.com<-click to watch the full video.

Monday, June 24, 2013

by Gutman Locks

Baruch Dayan Hemet (Blessed is the truthful Judge).

Like the Struggle Group StruggleInspired Struggle to welcome every visitor you have in your home, town or work, including those close to you and especially the Bobover Rebbe a descendant of Holocaust Survivors!
What is the purpose of tragedy? from R Avigdor Miller
June 24, 2013
16 Tammuz 5773

The first and most fundamental of all purposes of events, and especially an event of such vastly fearsome scope [as the Holocaust], is to awaken men from the lethargy of habit and materialism and to cause them to think of G-d…. 

This colossal tragedy of history deserves endless study, and as long as the world endures, man can continue to gain lessons of the greatest magnitude. (A Divine Madness)


Everyone knows that as times goes on the struggles of mankind get more intense and potentially stressful. It takes tremendous will and focus to ignore all the growing distractions and be in a peaceful state of mind and heart. Every person hopefully honestly grows and struggles, especially our Husband and Wifey, to find this point of unity and happiness. It has been already explained that marriage is building a family and requires real struggle and determination. Not giving up is the only option and our Husband and Wifey have realized that humor is a life saver amongst this entire struggle. click blog for more!

Thank you for your support! Eli Goldsmith aka midnightrabbi ->holocaust-to-hope-this-campaign-is-being-run-in-support-of-a-great-cause <- click for more!

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Join us in not only remembering the victims, but also in celebrating the strength and perseverance of a minority who we must continue to support both because of the tragedies of their past, and because of their struggles in the present.

Thank you for your support! Support this great cause and share the word Holocaust to Hope with JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith mention eli in donations thanks! Donate here <-


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