Our 10 fortunate students visit London as Bet Shemesh Educational Center enters a new program of success!

Glimpse Of 13 In 2013 Special Bar Mitzvah, In Our Educational Center & Trip To The Kotel!<-click here for a great cause for 2013/4 our sons deserve your support as do yours 🙂

Beit Shemesh Educational Center ‪#‎Excitingly‬ we have the pics to share of our fortunate 10 top students from one of our programs trip to ‪#‎London‬
We saw from this pic in The Official London Eye that they used this trip as an opportunity to not only learn about other cultures but, more importantly, that hard work pays off, especially when they worked ‪#‎together‬!
bSEC london bus

Excited to announce our new updated @website is coming very soon, and for those who understand Hebrew or use Google Chrome free translator to English, please enjoy one of our many on-line sites giving a glimpse of our great crucial work.

Future of Special Education – FSE!

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I believe
Beit Shemesh Educational Campus Founded in 1982, supervised by the Ministry of Education and Sergeant institution. Campus there is also a boarding school students enrolled under the supervision of the relevant factors. educational center for youngsters middle and high schools and aim to improve their lives and promote youth realize personal potential inherent in them. institution, which started out with basic equipment and 16 students, equipped with day classes modern laboratories current computer science laboratory and a central computerized nature and technology. Today, the school 200 boys who come from areas different country. ‘s professional staff Educational Campus Beit Shemesh believe in the potential of every student, and the ability to implement it by providing educational and social environment supportive and conditions and appropriate resources.purpose of allowing an improvement in the lives of as many young people, on the school level education, students are in a hot environment, allows attentive and wraps. higher academic standards of the educational campus officially recognized by the Ministry of Education and the Center also won in 1995 and in 2004 awarded the Ministry of Education. curriculum allows for “catching up” and prepare effectively for exams . success of the program proven, with an average of 80% of the eligible full matriculation certificate. conditions allowing campus, the classrooms spacious, laboratories contemporary learning, living conditions, create a different atmosphere for the students, they have the peace and quiet needed to focus and do well in school. Additionally learning classes each student receives reinforcement personally to be able to successfully meet the requirements of the school and the Ministry of Education. staff the school is an integral part of the support system of students and improve their self-esteem. staff is committed to helping the students realize their full academic potential of the students. staff working knowledge and understanding , which is the only address for these students personal difficulties experienced. relationship that develops between teachers and students is far beyond the classroom or the period in which students are registered students of the institution. Years after graduation, students continue to visit and be in contact with the team, and receive scholarships to continue their studies .

One thought on “Our 10 fortunate students visit London as Bet Shemesh Educational Center enters a new program of success!

  1. rabbi eli goldsmith Long live the King and Queen and Prince of Wales/ England, love the appreciation of a great leader 🙂
    😀 my Chief Rabbi and even our boys here from the holy land benefited from our friendship!

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