VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES, mention Eli recommended this for you!

Photo: ‎#Ethiopian #Integration #Program @ Beit Shemesh Educational Center The OverviewSince 1999, over 300 Ethiopian students have successfully participated in the Bet Shemesh Educational Center's targeted integration program. At BSEC, the Ethiopian students are given the individualized focus and attention they need to succeed socially and academically in #Israel.Each Ethiopian student undergoes educational assessment upon entering the Center's integration program. The assessment is designed to detect both developed and early stages of learning disabilities such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and gaps in a child's cognitive development.Typical social impasses concerning the new immigrant students include withdrawing from society; cleavages between the older and younger generations of Ethiopian immigrants as the younger try to "fit in"; alcohol and drug abuse from an early age; and dropping out of high school. The individualized attention provided by the Center's staff gives critical support and tackles slipping grades at the root by providing access to tutoring and private sessions with teachers.Importantly, the holistic integration program supports the new immigrants as they become familiarized with everything from food choices in Israel to navigating the bus system and changing a light bulb.N.B. Take a look at this eye-opening article from Haaretz הארץ on the first ever published writings of what life is like as an Ethiopian immigrant family here in Israel. "How the World Turned White" exposes the reader to a day in the life, and the unfair conditions an Ethiopian family regularly experiences. - http://bit.ly/16TH7QQ"The book makes it possible to learn something about the experience of immigration in general, and in particular about the culture and mentality of the waves of immigration from Ethiopia, whose members have become a part of the lower class in this country." -Efrat YardayTo see how our sister program the #JaffaInstitute assists these #Ethiopianfamilies, check out our enrichment programs at http://bit.ly/19FxI4r and a fav. cause http://midnightabbi1eligoldsmith.wordpress.com/2013/06/18/glimpse-of-13-in-2013-special-bar-mitzvah-in-our-educational-center-trip-to-the-kotel/‎

When you organise your trip to Israel please make some time to give back to people and the land we all appreciate, thanks!

Ethiopian‬ ‎Integration‬ ‪‎Program‬ @ Beit Shemesh Educational Center The Overview

Since 1999, over 300 Ethiopian students have successfully participated in the Bet Shemesh Educational Center’s targeted integration program. At BSEC, …See More

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The Jaffa Institute runs over 37 different projects throughout south Tel Aviv and Jaffa, assisting thousands of severely disadvantaged children and their families. We can arrange for volunteering for individuals on a long-term basis, and groups of various sizes on a one-time visit. We welcome you to take part in our various programs so that you can meet and touch the lives of the children we help.

Group Opportunities – one time visits

Food Distribution Center

Visitors at the Food Distribution Center can volunteer their time by helping to prepare packages for citizens in dire need of food. Each month we pack 1,000 food parcels – as you can imagine, it’s a lot of work, and we need your help! Come visit with Tiferes Travel for the best deal!

The normal hours of operation are 8am-4pm. However on delivery days, the hours are extended till 6pm.

To volunteer with your group at the…

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