Beit Shemesh Educational Center event you join as its time to get ready for the new year!


Beit Shemesh Educational Center

Time to get ready for the new year with some inspirational moments from last year and donations to get us ready for the new year with appreciation :D  Donate here thanks ->campaign/2014 <- Pics->

 JOIN HERE -> Glimpse Of 13 In 2013 Special Bar Mitzvah, In Our Educational Center & Trip To The Kotel!April 30, 2014 <- Join HERE!

Midnightrabbi inspires in London, United KingdomEli Pmusic Here’s some more pics of a very special day which we hope u can help us now get ready for as we approach the new year of 13 year olds media 13 in 2013 Help us for 13 in 2013 to 2014 Special Bar mitzvah in Israel for special boys,

By: Eli Pmusic Photos: 193

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Donate now for the students here await your kindness to really make a difference in their lives and yours!About Me Edit Mode Toggle
Support the Jaffa Institute’s Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program!The Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program aims to help Ethiopian children who cannot afford to celebrate their Bar Mitzvahs because of their families’ financial hardships. The boys are provided with an educational course about the significance of the Bar Mitzvah as well as a set of teffilin, a talit and a small gift in honor of the occasion.If you have chosen to fundraise for the Ethiopian Bar Mitzvah Program, create your own fundraising page! Click Create a Branch Campaign and get started!
 Help Us For 13 In 2013 To 2014 Special Bar Mitzvah In Israel For Special Boys,  As You Make Your Bar Mitzvah Celebration For Your Beloved Son, Please Help Us Make Ours For Our Sons! You can donate kindly here and securly :) 2013-14 BAR MITZVAH CELEBRATIONS Is In Your Hands!-><- and in the comments say that you are Eli’s friend.altWe were honored to have invited you to support the celebration of 25 of our youngsters who reached their Bar Mitzvah milestone this year. The ceremony took place in the new dining room at The Bet Shemesh Educational Center on Rosh Hodesh Tamuz, 9.6.13. Becoming Bar Mitzvah is often the most significant event in a teenage boy’s life. It marks the important boundary between childhood and adulthood and is generally a time for great joy as well as reflection. Sadly, many of the students at the Bet Shemesh Educational Center simply cannot afford to celebrate this special occasion because of their families’ financial hardship.This year, the Bet Shemesh Educational Center seeks to fulfill the dreams of its Bar Mitzvah boys. The parents were over joyed at the opportunity we gave them with your kind donations. After completing an educational course about the significance of becoming Bar Mitzvah, each of the boys was given a set of Tefilin, and a Tallit, as well as a small gift (brand new watches) in honor of the momentous event. They also had the opportunity to celebrate their special day with their families and friends, they were all treated to a luxuriously catered meal and taken on an exciting field trip to the Kotel and old city for various tours, pizza and more. For more info click below in comments.This meaningful day of growth and celebration will be unforgettable for our students! If you would like to help a Bar Mitzvah boy receive a truly special Bar Mitzvah celebration for the new year of students, please click in comments (and mention eli in comments) or contact Eli direct or phone 0573175856/ 00972573175856 Your participation gave us great pleasureEli Goldsmith and Dr. David J. PortowiczaltPlease ->make-your-donation-for13-in-2013 to 2014 bar-mitzvah-event for-disadvantaged-youth<-altThe boys enjoyed the pizza and cola and ices and with their new watches we made our way to the Kotel again in quick time , someone responded  אמן ואמן 3> *יום טוב ונעים ומבורך בשורות טובות ורק * 3> * אהבה בשמחה * :) * Check all our video clips and pics for a live feeling of the past few years of Bar Mitzvah inspiration with thank G-d your kind support and continued help!Please ->come-visit-for-the-midnightrabbi-tour-of-the-kotel-because-you-care<-Your recommendation! To tour with the midnightrabbi Eli Goldsmith Please click on our Midnightrabbi inspired links thanks!CampaignsThe Special Bar Mitzvah Progra… Edit‘Holocaust to Hope’ Edit‘Happy Chanukah, Eli Goldsmith… Edit‘Eli Midnightrabbi Goldsmith\’…

‪#‎Ethiopian‬ ‪#‎Integration‬ ‪#‎Program‬ @ Beit Shemesh Educational Center The OverviewSince 1999, over 300 Ethiopian students have successfully participated in the Bet Shemesh Educational Center’s targeted integration program. At BSEC, the Ethiopian students are given the individualized focus and attention they need to succeed socially and academically in ‪#‎Israel‬.Each Ethiopian student undergoes educational assessment upon entering the Center’s integration program. The assessment is designed to detect both developed and early stages of learning disabilities such as dyslexia, attention deficit disorder, hyperactivity, and gaps in a child’s cognitive development.Typical social impasses concerning the new immigrant students include withdrawing from society; cleavages between the older and younger generations of Ethiopian immigrants as the younger try to “fit in”; alcohol and drug abuse from an early age; and dropping out of high school. The individualized attention provided by the Center’s staff gives critical support and tackles slipping grades at the root by providing access to tutoring and private sessions with teachers.

Importantly, the holistic integration program supports the new immigrants as they become familiarized with everything from food choices in Israel to navigating the bus system and changing a light bulb.

N.B. Take a look at this eye-opening article from Haaretz הארץ on the first ever published writings of what life is like as an Ethiopian immigrant family here in Israel. “How the World Turned White” exposes the reader to a day in the life, and the unfair conditions an Ethiopian family regularly experiences. –

“The book makes it possible to learn something about the experience of immigration in general, and in particular about the culture and mentality of the waves of immigration from Ethiopia, whose members have become a part of the lower class in this country.” -Efrat Yarday

To see how our sister program the ‪#‎JaffaInstitute‬ assists these‪#‎Ethiopianfamilies‬, check out our enrichment programs at and a fav. cause

Every new year our boys come back renewed and with hope thanks to our supporters like in this video and yourself! Enjoy 😀
Bet Shemesh Educational Center boys Rock it for our kind French Visitors with hope!

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