Excited for the new year may it come for a blessing and THE MOVING HOUSE TOO MANY TIMES STORIES!

Glimpse Of 13 In 2013 Special Bar Mitzvah, In Our Educational Center & Trip To The Kotel!<-click here for a great cause for 2013/4 our son’s deserve your support as do yours 🙂

Happy to start 2013/4 with Yeshivat Ashreinu, great new group of guys! Midnightrabbi inspiresd hosting at our beautiful campus Beit Shemesh Educational Center 😀 Ari Lesser in Safed inspiring many groups for the new year and album<- for a glimpse of vids and pics, Midnightrabbi Living inspired! Ari Lesser in Safed Wadi, “DAWN” and shout to Ashreinu the fortunate ones on their way home! And more… click here for pics and vids <-

Really excited for the #happynewyear, as just learnt with 3 good musical boys fromYeshivat Ashreinu and tonight off to a wedding of 2 musical souls in Bat Ayin, just like last years special wedding this time of year 😀 one from Ner Jake days.
Please read below my nice stories of Midnightrabbi inspires#relationship advice as we are looking in the sweet new year, may it come for a #blessing for us all, to be#movinghouse once again… bs’d

— 😀 feeling excited.


So who wants to own up and like our Husband admit how much torture can he put Wifey through. Everyone knows whose moved house knows how hard and traumatic it is. Some even compare moving house to having a baby. Now try growing up moving house numerous times, then finally finding our Husband, getting married hoping to settle and instead moving several times while having numerous babies several times. After years of child rearing and moving house life can get a bit tense and wearisome. Our Wifey did find comfort that everywhere she moved she had the best and most efficient movers around “Eliezer’s movers” (a good name don’t you think?).These giant men of wonder took apart and more importantly put back together with more efficiency as the A-team on a good day (old scool team of professional fix it soldiers). However, every apartment they moved our Husband and Wifey, the children got more and bigger and so did the burden of belongings. It’s a whole story to pack everything up and it requires our Husband to run around collecting loads of boxes for a few weeks from all the local stores. A recent move our Husband even stored the boxes ready for the next move. So you may have asked what that has got to do with only in Israel? But this is the point, living in Israel unless you can find with a good mazel and a lot of money behind you, our Husband never could find the perfect apartment to settle. After many years of searching from neighborhood to community, renting and seeing the rent go up more and more, it was time to buy a home. Even their bought home in Jerusalem that they owned was only 50 meters and after a few children and few years unless you’re a native Yerushalmi/ local from Jerusalem after generations of living with little belongings in small spaces, our Wifey and co. had out grown their home. The next step is to move out of rising in expensive Jerusalem to a local town nearby where supposed cheaper homes could be found. However, this too is seeing prices go up as Obama and his friends have a put a hold on more building, with the supply and demand rule the prices fly up with no restraint. Alongside these new laws on property make buying an apartment more difficult and getting a mortgage with the Israeli low wage reality harder and harder. So left with renting and ongoing moves our Wifey is far from happy about this. You might ask here why our Husband can’t have long term rentals, well the answer are only in Israel! OII rule is that people want short term rentals where either they can put up the price with regular new renters, or they move their children into the previous rented apartment. The advice from the Guide to our Husband is to try and settle the family into one home, either by buying a home big enough for 120 years on  this world, or to finding an owner who unusually will be fair and long term with the rent and at a good price. This also assumes finding a good community to settle in which helps a lot with the kindness and friendship they bring. For example, our Husband found a community that after having a baby and moving house, each situation the families of the community will make them meals for lunch and supper for a full week and Shabbos.

This helps a lot to provide our Wifey the needed support to settle in, this is also something of the OII balance towards good of kindness and support of the people around our Wifey.

We can go on, but the main advice for our Husband is to be there for Wifey throughout any traumatic stage in life and being kind in word and deed to show our Husbands eternal love to make Wifey happy where ever they live or move OII.

“The moving house too many times stories”, “only in Israel”, OII!

2 thoughts on “Excited for the new year may it come for a blessing and THE MOVING HOUSE TOO MANY TIMES STORIES!

  1. During Elul today our boys Ashreinu return to our campus Bet Shemesh Educational Center for a new year 2013/4 looking forward to host great acts and go higher and higher 😀 midnightrabbi inspired and will inspire, shanah tovah all!

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