Help those under threat in Israel from Eli Goldsmith!

Beit Shemesh Educational Center Especially during these difficult times we are encouraged by the amount of love and appreciation we receive from all around. Sincerely, JIM = Jaffa Institute & Midnightrabbi eli goldsmith 🙂 
Make A #Donation as #charity protected us from #threats in the past! Thanks.

Donate here <- Click here and be kind in a time of danger!

Thank you and read about last years cause that people opened their hearts up too!

Don’t forget the Support for the South. Nov. 2012
Dear Friends,This weekend we opened our doors in Beit Shemesh Educational Center to hundreds of families from the South who needed to get away from their embattled communities. Thus far it has cost us $26,000 and during the next few weeks I expect we will see more of this if there isn’t a ceasefire soon. At the moment we have filled 95 beds in our dormitory and soon we will have additional beds in Beit Ruth.

I will need at least $50,000 – $75,000 to cover the expenses. I don’t have this money in our operational budget as things are very tight. Please help to the best of your ability. I know how much you are already doing but, as you know, every dollar counts. You can donate to this worthy cause online.
In friendship, as ever,

Dr. David J. Portowicz
Chairman and Founder.
please email or ph. 00972-(0)573175856 for more info!

Help those under threat in Israel from EliMidnightrabbi Goldsmith – Root Funding
Take a look at this campaign that I am supporting for the benefit of Jaffa Institute. This is a great cause – please give what you can and spread the word!

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