Freedom with Gilad and the Good points of the Chag!

Its good to keep remembering the good points to prepare us for the Chag happily ūüėÄ

midnightrabbi inspires!

Thank G-d! We prayed and Prayed! See last years post where his parents, with shyne and rebbe and all our prayers free gilad shalit also please pray for my daughter Tehilah Rivkah bas Masha @pray-for-my-daughter

The name Gilad is all about¬†focusing¬†on the good ! To reveal the good inside! This is the spark of the Tzaddik/Essential good that exists in us all just like Yosef Hatzaddik who visited us the same day of Gilad‚Äôs release !¬†At Sukkot we have 7 visitors, and Yosef Hatzaddik is the 6th visitor, on the 6th day, representing Yesod and the truth of our peoples intrinsic holiness no matter what! These pictures and videos here with our goal is to reveal this point/‚ÄĚAd‚ÄĚ in Hebrew is Ayin Daled the big letters in the Shemah! Aid = the witness to the Unity! That our nation is One and with Determination like Gilad‚Äôs father and‚Ķ

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