Bd’H for Rav Ovadia Yosef zt’l and donate for his soul as mazel tovs for our Bar Mitzvah

Glimpse Of 13 In 2013 Special Bar Mitzvah, In Our Educational Center & Trip To The Kotel!<-click here for a great cause for 2013/4 our son’s deserve your support as do yours 🙂

Rav Ovadia’s Funeral – Jerusalem passed midnightrabbi’s old address in Jerusalem in tremendous honor to a great man!

The following 2-minute clip will give you a small inclination of what it was like to be in Jerusalem this past Monday night for Rav Ovadia Yosef’s levaya (funeral), may his sacred neshama intercede on our behalf, amen. The Jewish People are now orphaned – we’ve lost our spiritual father, and there’s no one alive who can replace him. There are only two times in Rabbi Brody’s life he did kriya (rending of one’s garment) – when his father passed and Monday evening, at Rav Ovadia’s levaya. He truly was a father to all of us. I wish someone could show me a video clip of the reception that Rav Ovadia received when he arrived in Gan Eden. May Hashem have mercy on us, and send us Moshiach quickly, amen!

Our students of Beit Shemesh Educational Center on the way to the levayah.

Today we all mourn [as a child mourns the passing of their father] the passing of the Sephardi leader of our generation–R. Ovadiah Yosef [zatz’l]. He was a man whose level of righteousness, scholarship, leadership, fearlessness, ability to educate , protect and raise up the entire nation and love for his people was unparallelled.
This loss is irreplaceable. May Hashem comfort all of us

Tehillim for Leading Sephardic Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Tz’l were said at  Beit Shemesh Educational Center<- who Dies Aged 93

Family called to Rabbi Yosef’s bedside as his condition worsened. His cardiologist announced his passing at 1:25pm.
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Cardiologist Professor Dan Gilon, has said Rabbi Haim Ovadia Yosef has died after he suffered a further serious deterioration in recent hours.

Last night (Monday), saw a deterioration in the condition of the former Chief Rabbi and spiritual head of the Shas party. Sources from Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Karem Hospital have said his condition is “unstable” and “very serious.”

This morning, Spokeswoman for Hadassah Ein Karem Hopsital, Rachel Goldblatt, said Rabbi Haim Ovadia Yosef was now “facing a system collapse,” adding that a medical team was “fighting for his life.”

Rabbi Yosef’s family have been called to his hospital bedside as his health continues to decline.

The team of doctors treating 93 year-old Rabbi Yosef, rushed to add treatment to support several of his body’s systems overnight. Rabbi Yosef is hospitalized in Hadassah Ein Karem’s Intensive Care Department.

Yesterday, three days after being able to breathe independently, he was transferred back to breathing apparatus.

Prior to the deterioration, the cardiologist treating Rabbi Yosef, Professor Dan Gilon explained: “After taking away the breathing apparatus, it will take a few days to determine Rabbi Yosef’s strength and ability to continue breathing on his own.” He added that in the last few days there have been ups and downs in the rabbi’s ability to breathe independently.”

Last Thursday, Prof. Gilon said Rabbi Yosef, had been fully conscious and been communicating with the people around him.

The rabbi was placed in an induced coma and artificially respirated on September 24, when his medical condition deteriorated and fluid was discovered in his lungs. Doctors at the time said they were fighting for his life but his condition had later significantly improved.

Iraqi-born Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is an outstanding talmudic scholar who has written prolifically on all matters of Jewish law. His rulings are considered authoritative throughout many communities all over the world.

Tens of thousands of people attended prayers for Rabbi Ovadia’s health ten days ago, in a mass prayer session at the Kotel (Western Wall). The name Haim, meaning life, was added to his name as is the Jewish custom when someone is gravely ill. Songs and prayers have been composed for his welfare and an international campaign to sign up to say Psalms for his recovery was launched.

Special prayers were held throughout Israel Monday for the Rabbi’s health.

Mazel tov to one of our new bar Mitzvah boys who excitedly and proudly shared his Bar mitzvah today with us while praying for our spiritual leader rav Ovadia YOSSEF tz’l.

Please donate for all our boys to be blessed with a Bar mitzvah 13 in 2013/ 4 thanks and click here for a merit to the sick to be healed and a merit for the holy Rabbi’s soul and all Yisrael -> <— Rav Ovadia Yosef zt’l donate with our prayers & mazel tov Bar Mitzvah (8 photos)

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  1. Before the news Bd’H The power of pray lives on through his children of Rabbi Ovadia Yossef Tz’l #Children +Bet Shemesh Educational Center

  2. Reblogged this on midnightrabbi inspires and commented:

    Only good news and Kavod to Torah and those who truly learn it and give honor to the one who gave it to us all!

  3. thanks to Sara Lee
    This is a very rare clip showing Maran Harav Ovadia Yosef Tz”l & Rav Amnon Yitzchak shlita together, explaining the avodas Hashem Rav Amnon does via the kiruv organization namely “shofar” under his genius & inspiration that has brought back thousands of lost souls to their roots b”H all across the globe. Note the warm relationship between them both. If you can’t understand Ivrit watch the body lingo, Maran tz”l was surely shlepping nachat imho …………

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