Our Husband’s parent in-laws, and some say outlaws!

Always need to be more focused on the priorities of life no matter what… A good time of year to repost this blog as we all read about the right way to focus in Sefer Bereshit! Derech Eretz is before Torah… Being a mensch is the key to everything!

The Guide for Husband Wifey happy!

firey rebbeOur Husband has got to be careful here as Wifey and her mafia family are not afraid to even knock off our Husband if he behaves like a snitch. But we all remember the famous joke that the first man of Creation, Adom Harishon, had it good (and the lucky couple in the pic here ->), no mother in law, no outlaws just a beautiful gift the first Wifey, Nevertheless, our Husband for sure needs advice and guidance how to successfully navigate the other side, in mysticism, the other side is symbolic of the dark side / the side of evil / the side that ignores direct divine providence and not co-incandescently is the word for his in-laws. “Shver” in Yiddish is the word for father-in-law, and also means “very difficult” in our holy tongue of Hebrew! The first father-in-laws of our holy Avos / Patriarchs, Jewish fore-fathers, Avraham, Yitzchak and Yaakov, weren’t…

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