The importance of real guidance and 3 kinds of help that our Husband can value Wifey’s help more!

Happy to announce that we just book Harav YOSEF KARDUNER will play for Ashreinu 1st night of #hannukah 5774 in Beit Shemesh Educational Center for info and new vids come here Midnightrabbi inspiresd thanks  😀 please G-d with Ashreinu ! 


We hope to host  Yosef Karduner and many more great acts! For the newMidnightrabbi inspiresd year, please help us sponsor the shows for the new school year with the true stars The Fortunate Ones and the Midnightrabbi MusicMystic hour in the Bet Shemesh Educational Center!  🙂 in Bet Shemesh, Israel more info coming soon, call 0573175856 for more info now!

The #excitment is in the air, as the boys prepare a band room / #musicroom in our beautiful campus that will bring all their hidden talents to life!

A journey of much #success for our #childrens #education is ahead of them all with your kind support! 😀

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Latest classes just in :D  midnightrabbi-dont-givin/midnightrabbi-inspires-with-our-king! and going-spiritual-inspired/filling-in-the-missing-links-1

The Guide for Husband Wifey happy!

Let’s all admit the truth that we all need help! Dovid Hamelech /the King of Israel and sweet singer divinely inspired sang/ wrote himself that “we all need help”. “And from where will my help (mate) come from”! Wifey herself is called an Aizer / helpmate (In the story of Creation at the beginning of the Torah).

IMG-20150323-WA0029Everyone finds the mate part easy, but to help someone else this is a real challenge. So now we can understand the words from our sweet singer (listen to Yosef Karduner sing psalm 121 and be moved by the feeling behind these special words). This brings our Husband to recall, somewhere inside our Husband memories, deep in his mind and heart a time with Wifey before being called Wifey where the emotions were alive with warmth and excitement of potential unity. This was years ago on their 1st date when our Husband sang and…

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4 thoughts on “The importance of real guidance and 3 kinds of help that our Husband can value Wifey’s help more!

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    Coming soon 1st night Chanukah 5774 Yosef Karduner live @midnightrabbi isnpired Ashreinu!

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