Shtar on the rise again, coming 2 The Fortunate Ones 2014, the Midnightrabbi MusicMystic hour in Bet Shemesh!

The snow comes to Israel and Shtar comes to our program where the rain falls instead, The “house of the sun” lol

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Shtar this Motzai Shabbos <- be kind and sponsor the shows please!  Take Pesach inspiration into the rest of the year Midnightrabbi inspires

EMAIL ME TO SPONSOR our SHOWs thanks -> or phone 0573175856!

Shtar performed here for us last year and the new look Shtar are coming again! Shtar means a commitment and sincere real talent , you got that ! As we all struggle on, looking forward to hosting Shtar again @Bet Shemesh Educational Center for the fortunate ones at yeshivat Ashreinu , for the Midnightrabbi mystic music hour! SHtark, nice movie Shtar glasses guys as the Shtar rises up AGAIN WITH A BIG SURPRISE GUEST NEW RAPPER! 🙂

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