Beginning tonight and almost every night the “10 habits of truly effective Jews”

Tonight and almost every night for all #Fortunate growing bros and fros, 8pm on a quiet note invites your #collaboration in the Beit (house of learning)… email Midnightrabbi inspires, ph. 0573175856, facebook or just come…

The 1st class <- listen here and here-> 2nd class in 2 stages on Mission Statments,and here -> 3rd class on refining them, so stay tuned!

burnt chollahsMake sure you don’t get left with burnt Challos, please write a Mission Statement – “10 habits of truly effective Jews” 

– To be chappy aka happy, understand, collaborate and apply the amazing books from Stephen R Covey specifically the “7 habits of highly effective people”.

family paul together 2– To develop a new Torah / Jewish perspective on this much needed guide, through learning together inspirational approaches, forming these approaches, finding their source in Torah sources and bringing this all alive through our own mission statements, notes and eventual book.

– To be proactive in developing our commitment to real goals and organizing our priorities and time management.

– To make the most out of our time and energy to live more successful and focused, happy lives.

– To develop and refine our mission statement together with renewal and dedication!

Midnightrabbi inspires aka Eli Goldsmith <-(click here for year in review) – my #missionstatement
Please Email to be a part of this important needed cause!
Communication / Education – To be a community manager
– advise people through personal conflicts – Struggle Group Inspired – relate to peoples different interests/ goals/ ideas, in order to empower them – in touch with current educational issues and visualise positive change and growth – to clearly listen and be supportive to peoples needs in a dynamic way, with Eternal Values!
Networking – collaborate with people & their various projects – believing in peoples causes and branching them out to succeed – to successfully bridge gaps to correct all stratums of society on a global level bs’d!

Pleased to announce the first #class of a new course being built together with the“Fortunate ones” students of Yeshivat Ashreinu 🙂

The goal is to Begin the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People ”a truly life changing book” with a new focus on ”10 habits of truly effective Jews” <- click here for “intro” from Midnightrabbi inspiresd !
Tonight 8pm to 10pm with prayer service in the middle for an inspiring session together! After hours is an #exciting workout in the Gym, bring your #inspirations! For info email

Pleased to announce Shtar coming to Yeshivat Ashreinu Jan. 4th right after Shabbat 7pm ish … Check them out -> shtar-on-the-rise-again-coming-2-the-fortunate-ones in-bet-shemesh and #share!


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    Tonight 2nd class for all #Ashreinu growing bros, 8pm on a quiet note invites your #collaboration in the Beit… email Midnightrabbi inspires, ph. 0573175856, facebook or just come…

    Pleased to announce Shtar coming to Yeshivat Ashreinu Jan. 4th right after Shabbat 7pm ish … Check them out -> and #share!

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