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Cold winter days and times of change! Looking forward to host these holy dudes asap:) Introducing the artist formerly known as … now NISSIM™ POWERED BY: OEMCo™ powered by Emuna!

New Name, New Game. by Lovie Hops

Rebbe Noson’s Yartzeit – Chaim Kramer Video

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December 23rd, 2012, In Events, by Yossi Katz

Chaim Kramer in Through Fire and Water ends off Rebbe Noson’s life story with these words:

Reb Noson felt that he had nothing of his own, but that all his vitality was channeled to him through the Rebbe. If Rebbe Nachman was Moshe, and “the face of Moshe was like the face of the sun” (Bava Basra l75a), then Reb Noson was his Yehoshua, and Yoshua’s face was like the face of the moon” (ibid.). The moon has no light of its own, only what it receives from the sun. The Breslover Chassidim could only ever have one Rebbe. Reb Nosson’s…

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