#TuBiShvat, Seeing the Future, Rabbi Moshe Weinberger המשפיע‏@HaMashpia

rabbi moshe weinberger 3May You Bear Fruit! We are going to the Kaliver Rebbe and Tolna Rebbe this Wednesday night bs’d for #TuBShvat Tish, Yeshivat Ashreinu is invited 😀 and friends for some holy fruits and beyond! Check out -> Rabbi Moshe Weinberger @HaMashpia  מפי המשפיע שליט”א – חודש שבט ר”ת שמחם ברכם טהרם!! ועוד אמר לי בשיחה פרטית ששבט- שיהיה בשורות טובות. לנו לכל ישראל אמן. #התחדשות  <-

rabbi moshe weinbergerTu B’Shvat is the Rosh Hashana for the trees. Just like we pray for our well being on our Rosh Hashana, the trees pray for their well being on their Rosh Hashana. What do the trees pray for? They pray to bear luscious, healthy fruit. But, hey! What about all of the non-fruit bearing trees; what do they pray for?
Before Adam sinned, there was no such phenomenon as a tree which did not bear fruit. It was only after Adam ate from the Eitz Hadas that most trees lost the ability to bear fruit. When Mashiach will come, all of the trees will once again give forth delicious fruits.

המשפיע ‏@HaMashpiaIf you tune into your spiritual hearing, you will hear the fervent prayers of the billions of barren trees asking that Mashiach should come so that they, too, should bear fruit once again.

Man is compared to an upside down tree. His soul is rooted in heaven and extends all the way down to earth. And he, too, wishes to be fruitful and multiply. And what are the fruits of man? Torah and Maasim Tovim, good deeds. Oh! How the barren soul yearns to give forth fruits, to produce Torah and Maasim Tovim in order to give pleasure his Creator!
On Tu B’Shvat, add your prayer to the hushed entreaties of all wooden vegetation. Pray that you merit bearing fruit so that they should finally merit bearing fruit, with the ushering of the era of Mashiach.
Source: Various Shiurim<- click here  free <-

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    The Rov made a huge impression here, over 600 students, This is what the Rov said quietly while waiting to say shalom after his schmooze “we should learn together in Yerushalyim, not with all these machines like nowadays” ! Bkorov mamesh!

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