BARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: Passing of Magid Meisharim, Hagaon Harav Yaakov Galinski Zatzal

bd'h galinsky#struggle to be a giver like one of our role models Bd’H , our classes our #dedicated in his merit<- listen here thanks!

This past Thursday Night [Friday] 23 Shvat was the Levayah of#RavYaacovGalinskyztl. I personally have gained a lot from him.
BARUCH DAYAN HA’EMES: Petirah of Magid Meisharim, Hagaon Harav Yaakov Galinski Zatzal
Jan 23 2014 9:14 am
rav yaakov zatzal The famed #MagidMeisharim, Hagaon Harav Yaakov Galinski Zatzal was Niftar today after falling ill several weeks ago. The Magid, who was close to many Gedolim of the previous generation, was known around the world for his lively Shiurim and speeches delivered to @Bnei Yeshivah and @Balei Batim alike.
The Rav, who resided in Bnei Brak, was approximately 93 years old.
I am bringing a story from him. It should be a merit for his Neshomo, Yaacov ben Avrohom Tzvi
I saw a penetrating story from Rav Yaacov Galinsky, ztl a well known Maggid, that teaches us that not only should we never despair but we don’t even have the right to despair .
He brings the chazal in Berachos 10a that the prophet Yeshayahu told King Chiskiyahu that there was a decree in Heaven, that he would die and it was too late to do anything about it.
Chiskiyahu responded that he learned from his ancestor King Dovid that even if a sharp sword is on your neck, never give up from asking Mercy and praying. Chizkiyahu then prayed and was given another 15 years of life.
Rav Galinsky then told this moving story.
He had a friend who went through all the tribulations of Siberia with Rav Galinsky. After their freedom he found out he was the only survivor of his family and he was alone in the world. He was broken and saw no reason to live. When I told him that we should go speak to the Chazon Ish, he refused. He said, “Is he going to return my family to me?” I was stubborn and we went in together. The Chazon Ish heard the story and told us to sit down. We sat and he told us the following:
“I want to tell you about a Din Torah-Halachic Judgment that came before the Great Posek-Decider of Halacha, Rav Yitzchok Elchonon.
There was a fellow who learned Torah and his wife supported the house by going to the big city, buying merchandise and then selling it at a profit. One day, to her misfortune, she lost her purse containing all her money in the big city. Her world became dark as all her money was in it. She came to the Rav of the city and requested that he announce that if anyone found a purse, they should bring it to the Rav.
A poor Jew came and said that he found a purse. The woman gave all the simanim-signs to indicate it was hers.
At this point, the poor Jew said, “Rebbi, I also learned in Cheder-Yeshivah that if one finds a lost item in a city that is mostly Gentiles he may keep it because the owners have given up, assuming a Gentile will find it and keep it. I have a child to marry off and I need this money like the body needs air to breathe. When I found it, I was happy that Hashem sent me a present from Heaven. The Rav announced to bring it so I have, but I’m letting the Rav know that if halachically according to the law the money can be kept I will not forgo it.”
The Rav was in a quandary at what to do. On one hand everyone knows that the money is the woman’s, it’s all her wealth and her financial situation depends on it.
On the other hand, the poor Jew was right. This was a city of mostly Gentiles and anyone finding an item here is entitled to keep it.
At this point, the Chazon Ish asks Rav Galinsky’s friend what he would decide on the matter.
The fellow shrugged his shoulders and said, “Unfortunate woman.” Apparently the poor Jew was right.
The Chazon Ish continued that the Rav of the city initially also felt that way, but he sent this case to Rav Yitzchok Elchonon the Rav of Kovno for his decision. He responded that according to the law the poor Jew must return the money to the woman.
The friend of Rav Galinsky interjected, “I could understand if he said that lefnim mishuras hadin- above the letter of the law he should return it but why is this the law?”
The Chazon Ish explained,”The foundation of the law why when one finds a lost item in a city that is mostly Gentiles he may keep it is because the owners have given up, assuming a Gentile will find it and keep it.
However, here the money was the woman’s, and we learned in the Gemoro Gittin 57a that what a wife acquires belongs to the husband. Her husband had no idea that the money was lost, consequently he [who was the real owner] didn’t give up, therefore the poor Jew must return the money according to the letter of the law.”
The eyes of Rav Galinsky’s friend shone as he said, “What ingenuity?”
The Chazon Ish turned towards this fellow and gave him a piercing look, “These words apply to you as well. Who gave you permission to give up?! Even when a sharp sword is on your neck, you shouldn’t give up!
Are you the owner of your situation or your life? We are agents of Hashem and He allots our mission in life. We have to do what is obligated upon us and to pray for success! Who gave you the right to give up?!”
Rav Galinsky concludes that the fellow left the Chazon Ish a different person.


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