Holocaust to Hope- This campaign is being run in support of a great cause.

Photo: i made this artwork for international holocaust remembrance day, what do you think?

Please donate to help those that really survived the darkness of the International #HolocaustRemembranceDay this year 2014

Our Campus was built with many donations from kind Survivors and beyond, so lets help those who survived and can’t!

Midnightrabbi inspires shared Elliott Leigh Tucker‘s #great #talent helps us #truly remember thisInternational Holocaust Remembrance Day #specialday
i made this artwork for international holocaust remembrance day, what do you think?

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Today, less than 250,000 survivors are living in Israel, less than 30,000 of whom live in the area of Jaffa and South Tel Aviv. The Jaffa Institute distributes food packages to 120 Holocaust survivors on a bimonthly basis and 250 survivors during the Holiday times.

During our Holocaust to Hope Campaign, our goal is to raise $5,600 in order to provide 10 packages per week for a total of eight weeks to the survivors that we serve. The campaign will begin on Holocaust Remembrance Day, as the international community recalls the horrors and the bondage of the Holocaust, and it will come to a close eight weeks later on Passover, as the Jewish community celebrates its liberation from oppression-both biblical and modern day.

elliott tucker artwork

Join us in not only remembering the victims, but also in celebrating the strength and perseverance of a minority who we must continue to support both…

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