Shesh – James Burke

Real Talent inspired ! 馃榾 2014

Midnightrabbi Inspires聽Want to buy a T-shirt? Who isn鈥檛 in the

schmutter-shmutter.htm聽 business聽these days lol. Well James Burke, the Creative Director aka聽acrylicize welcome to our world聽is bringing聽us a new brand which style we hope will inspire us all to use聽our talents too. We all played a few times or more 聽growing up together SheshBesh.html聽 And now Shesh is without the Besh and its even cooler, cause you can wear it! Making his talents come alive and inspires us to dance. Check it out and more聽

Vibes & Vice Vs Rock the BellsJames and Rockin it on the drums聽<-click here to watch ! Such a cool guy and talented friend, bringing it all alive!

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