BD”H Rabbi Meir Schuster zt’l was just niftar! Life changing inspirational people!

We all can dedicate our growth to special people in our life like Rabbi Meir Schuster… and the special journey we go on! BD”H Rabbi Meir Schuster zt’l was just niftar! A man who changed my life and so many others!

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PhotoPhotoReally going back to the creative spark :D (23 photos)

Found some old art work that will Midnightrabbi inspiresd us to reignite more #creativity, within and with some needed song writing too  Hosting— in Jerusalem.
Photo” First Things First ” the #3rdHabit, 3rd class, 3rd Session, Photogetting priorities straight with the last months of great opportunities in the holy land and Yeshivat Ashreinu till next time bs’d With Talmud Megilah incites on #Purim already!

Here’s a quick story of my Rebbe in Ohr Somayach of a man who truly is beyond words. He told us about not watching movies “who  needs to watch movies when your fight with the evil inclination is the best movie there is” !!! He lived and breathed Torah true lifestyle and may his holy family (<-click to hear his holy son hesped his holy father zt’l) find comfort and all of us as mourners of Tzion , amen! Dancing with Rav Avrohom Yeshaya German zt”l Purim day was beyond words!

Midnightrabbi Inspires

 The levaya is taking place now/about to take place. He changed so many lives for the good with true inspiration in a way beyond words!

Rabbi Schuster of the Heritage House in the Old City of Jerusalem, his legacy lives on…

This picture below is me on my way to his special home that inspired so many souls 😀

Choose to be #proactive with a #smile,<-“10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE JEWS”! 1st class, Session 3  listen here for latest class, the next few classes are dedicated in his memory, a truly proactive beyond words Jews!

– by Shimon Apisdorf

How does one write a biography of one of the most remarkable figures in modern Jewish history.  Rabbi Meir Schuster is a living legend; a man who has been a constant, iconic presence at the Kotel (the Western Wall) for almost forty years; a man who has personally and dramatically impacted…

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