Only good news and kindness for us all, pray for my daughter and all not well!

A #struggle not to make anyone nervous, but can everyone please #Pray or do a #Mitzvah like donating in the merit of good health and news from my daughter “Mindel Tova Bas Masha” thanks …Someone just sent me  “Refuah Shleima I got a person to stop doing doing avoda zara #idolworship in your daughter’s zechus/merit”

She came straight from Gan to the doctor with extreme high fever and shakes and we are awaiting the results of an #emergency blood test thanks D:

Donate here to share your merits thanks and make a differnece campaign <- or donate to your local charity either way!

The Special Bar Mitzvah Program campaign for Jaffa Institute – Root Funding
Take a look at this campaign that I am supporting for the benefit of Jaffa Institute. This is a great cause – please give what you can and spread the word. *** This…
Music is the bridge between the #body and the #soul, life changing quote i internalized in #Sfat all those long haired earring#hippie years ago 
Photo: Music is the bridge between the #body and the #soul, life changing quote i internalized in #Sfat all those long haired earring #hippie years ago :D

Photo#Enjoy and be #kind, with thanks the students, the staff and supporters of

Beit Shemesh Educational Center JIM = Jaffa Institute & Eli Pmusic Eliezer Goldsmith#inspired
Your Hands! As You Make Your Bar Mitzvah Celebration For Your Beloved Son, Please Help Us Make Ours For Our sons…

@midnightrabbi Hello kind sir. Thanks for sharing your voice, vision and light. And thanks for helping to making the world a better place.

— Jeff Keni Pulver (@jeffpulver) February 20, 2014

 Listen to the latest inspiration with the 6th Class, Session 3,<- “Synergize as 1 plus 1 = 3, 10, 100, 1000, etc… ” Grow with sincere unity :D!i.e. Listening is the key for everyone to succeed!!

Listen to the latest inspiration with the 5th class<-, “Really learning to Listen!” Living life with true understanding and good relationships with all!


One thought on “Only good news and kindness for us all, pray for my daughter and all not well!

  1. Thank’s for everyone’s good wishes, we got the results late yesterday with good news, that its nothing serious, mindy gets the day home with mummy while she prepares for our 3 boys/guests/men from Yeshivat Ashreinu with excitement together , later today we will find out what causes the high fever etc… and thank G-d prayer works even if donations are so big in coming Midnightrabbi inspires funny how quiet it was having Mindy almost sleep the whole day lol b’H

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