Happy birthday Moshe our teacher this New Month Adar Sheini

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Moshe was born on the 7th of Adar and passed away on the same day, 120 years later. The miracle of Purim took place also in the month of Adar, 913 years after Moshe’s passing. Is there any connection between Moshe’s passing and the miracle of Purim?

Our sages tell us that when Haman cast lots for the best month in which to execute his plan of getting rid of the Jews, the lot fell on the month of Adar. Haman was pleased, for he knew that Moshe, the greatest leader of the Jewish people, passed away in the month of Adar.

Haman said, “Now I am sure that my plan will succeed for the leader of the Jewish people died in Adar and thus this month must be unlucky for the Jews.”

But, as our sages point out, Haman didn’t know that Moshe was also born in Adar. As a result, it turned out to be a good month for the Jewish people and unlucky for Haman. It turned out to be the month of his downfall.

Just as the merit of our great leader Moshe brought about the demise of Haman and the miracle of Purim in the month Adar, 2372 years ago, so too, may this Adar bring great miracles for the Jewish people. May Hashem help us wipe out every Amalek from every generation.  


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