Buying Wine for Purim and Pesach the kind way :D

DSC08021Dear friends,

Wonderful week!

I hope that this letter finds you in good health.

Purim and Passover has been knocking at the door and wine glasses are ready for wine with extra joy.

Framework of cooperation between the Association for Education in Tel Aviv and Har Bracha Winery will be donated from each sale of a box of 12 bottles, 50% of your payment.

  • ·         For ordering please email thanks and Lchaim! 

Purchasing a case of wine, you can mix the types, will come to you a messenger to your home.

There is no doubt that for fine wine with a contribution of 50% have more taste fine and happy.

For booking please send me email back with your name and phone number to contact you as soon as possible

  • ·         All proceeds earmarked to finance food packages for 160 survivors on the basis of twice a month for a year.

Sincerely, Chezki Portovitz  , vice president of   the Association for Advancement of Education in Tel Aviv –   03/6832626, 050/5680764 Www.jaffainstitute
Association for the Advancement of Education in Tel Aviv – Jaffa helps children and youth
who come from severe stress, realize your full potential.
donations and ways to volunteer, please contact the organization or eli!

Donate generously Saying Eli in comments thanks! And Happy Purim 


One thought on “Buying Wine for Purim and Pesach the kind way :D

  1. Ari Lesser “I’m featured in Lipa Schmeltzer’s brand new Purim video… You got to watch the whole thing I don’t come in until the end…” – Lipa Schmeltzer is nuts a real #purimyid, and Ari Lesser this is the best collaboration yet, only good news and much success great presents for life and a #freilichinpurim, Midnightrabbi inspired & sending this to my wife D: ! Purim Someach!!
    Latest class in 9th class, session 3, 9th habit,<- Touching on true reality and prevention of distractions to achieve this! Megillah Talmud 11-12 get your dates right for the ultimate journey home! 9th habit inspired!

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