Purim beyond words :D and pics and vids inspired ;)

zalmi mindiTonight, we begin again the 4th session of the 10 habits of truly effective Jews!<-click here to listen! Being truly proactive in a way that lasts forever taking the 10 habits with you always, to be dedicated to G-d is to be dedicated to whom G-d truly loves, loving Yisrael! This  is true Torah, becoming G-dly and kind for real and sincere 😀 Hashem is the choice of all choices, so says parshat Shemeni, the honor of Hashem is to choose His Will, bringing the true simcha of G-d conscious with us from Purim to Pesach the ultimate Geula 😀 !



Midnightrabbi Inspires


Check 8;50mins and 15mins midnightrabbi inspired #smoking #facebook #funwatch!

All the Purim lights are coming down http://youtu.be/l0oXkqZJ31g <- well at least in #struggle form Midnightrabbi inspired Check 8;50mins and 15mins #midnightrabbi #inspired #smoking #facebook #fun
Best Hebrew Birthday pressie cousin Clive visit 
Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith

Israel – 00972-(0)57-317-5856

Work number – 02-(00972) 547-3284
ay purimEmail – umuse613@gmail.com

Just in, Jeff Pulver 2014 Crowd Sourced Motivation 😀

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