Midnightrabbi inspires with Ari Lesser, the #KosherRAP song!

Purim highlights below and pics here! <-:D

Due to the juxtaposition of the priestly service [1] and the
laws of keeping kosher [2] it is clear that there must be a
significant connection between them [3].
Many years ago I witnessed a supposedly respected character
eat his Shabbos meal.
When it came to the main course, he mixed his hot cholent
together with his cold coleslaw, quickly rattled the
phrase “in honour of the holy Shabbos”, and began gobbling
it down.

This interesting concoction raised a question by some of the
“Is it actually permissible to mix hot and cold food
together on Shabbos?”
“True, it is not such a clear issue,” came the barely
audible reply amidst a mouthful or two of the Shabbos
blend, “but it tastes sooo good”.

A person must be in control when they perform the Divine
service and therefore it is forbidden to serve after
indulging in “sheichar” – alcoholic beverages [4]. Being
under the influence of alcohol distorts the appropriateness
of the Divine service.

Indeed the word “sheichar” can be obtained by rearranging
or ‘distorting’ the word “kosher”. If the Divine service is
not performed the way it should be, then it is quite simply
unacceptable, or not ‘kosher’.

We are all “priests” [5] and we should always remember that
all we do is a type of Divine service, and perhaps in
particular when it comes to eating. It is not just about
keeping Kosher, but also about not behaving like a shikar
(drunkard) at the same time.
Such behaviour is quite simply not kosher.

Have a kosher Shabbos,

Dan leeman.<-buy great books!

Additional sources:
[1] Vayikra 9:1–10:20
[2] Ibid. 11:1-47
[3] Ramban, Vayikra 11:1
[4] Vayikra 10:9
[5] Shemos 19:6; see also Ramban, Vayikra 11:1


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