Meet our #starfilled #exciting #program in our Educational Center

Struggle Group gonna miss the students #struggle!
<- Learning 1st things 1st, 3rd class 4th session,
Really using your time #Pesach break and beyond to connect with the priorities like family and good friends, so you can truly be effective and use your time back in Israel afterwards fully! Daf 16 Megillah taking the light with us:D

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Meet our  Beit Shemesh Educational Center children and be kind!

bsec meeting 13Photos from the meeting at our Educational #Campus Bet Shemesh, Israel was founded in 1982, supervised by the Ministry of #Education and the icon Institution. There is also a boarding school campus enrolled students under the supervision of the relevant factors. Educational center designed for youngsters middle and high schools and aim to improve their lives and promote youth realize personal potential inherent in them. Institution, which started out with basic equipment and 16 students, and now equipped with modern day classrooms, computer labs current computer science laboratory and nature centers and technology. Today, the school boasts 200 boys, which are from different areas in the country. The professional staff at Sapir Beit Shemesh believe in the potential of each student and the ability to implement it by providing educational and social environment supportive conditions and appropriate resources.bsec meeting 32 Aimed at enabling the improvement in…

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