Bringing the highs of Passover into the inspired year!

Tolna Rebbe singing Halel (Baking matzah) in the new shul JERUSALEM inspired! Next year in Jerusalem really and truly rebuilt in all ways latovah!

Shtar shows <- be kind and sponsor the shows please!  Take Pesach inspiration into the rest of the year Midnightrabbi inspires

Flying in the hills of the holy land this Pesach 😀

Less than a month away as all the boys return home!

“10 HABITS OF TRULY EFFECTIVE YOUS” (&JEWS)! Clarified in 10 points!<-

Midnightrabbi inspired:

Important Good News! And returning to the holy land all our bros and fros!

Coming soon the last of the 5 classes from 4th Session inspired after a long break and renewed energy.
Following this bs’d will be the final 5th Session of this year of the 10 habits inspired, coming from the 10 sayings of creation, healing from the 10 plagues on all our enemies, and leading towards the 10 commandments in all there glory in Jerusalem, Israel, this years finarly.
10 inspiring classes from the 5th Session inspired will change our lives for ever and your contribution is crucial and appreciated. Email any time for collaboration that over these next 6 weeks and nights will leave us all truly fortunate and inspired for life!

IMG_20140417_121829This yom tov, new lights came down that were never revealed until our low and yet in truth highest of generations. To keep it short brief and to the point and clear already took too many words. Lol bs’d.
Therefore, let’s begin and continue with a focus on these nekudos tovos, the kotz she’l yud, all these thorns that seemingly cause us so many painful moments and yet reveal such deep moments of teshuvah and light. Light comes from the darkness, the purpose of creation according to the heilge tanna bar yochai and explained clearly in tanya. We are mapping out together in nun sharei tumah internet = into nun tumah, lfi rav tzvi meir zilberberg, but the ohr of teshuvah we do everymoment while in the web literally is trail blazing a new path for all generations that follow on a path least travelled by.

IMG_20140414_140745 We can bring out this light of one’s intrinsic goodness זה קלי ואנוהו . אחד  חילוק מאות “ר” לאות “ד”  מאחר תלי על טיפה של דיהו . ה אחר ל ה’ אחד.  One drip of ink and the good moment inside and out gives us strength to really listen. שמע אחד אשמח עוד. I rejoice  in making a parnassah with emunah and simcha and clarity that is always one with nun sharei teshuva. Rabbi akiva darshoned the thorns of the letter like the fifth letter of the name of G-d ie the kotz shel yud. This is the level of kesser and is an insight to where ever you see the sheita of the heliga tanna r akiva. A place of pintelah yid attached to holiness. R shimon bar yochai his talmid brought it out in a path of simcha and mercy. And now we draw it all together milaket ie gather together all the good points of the light and kesher to the true tzaddick within and all the paths of life always.


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