Pesach Sheni on the way to Lag B’Omer #2014 with inspiration and kindness!

Eli Pmusic's photo.Enjoy today your #matzos and help give our students the second chance they deserve for a #successfulife!

Eli Pmusic's photo.#BIGDAY for our 13 in 2014 Bar Mitzvah students tomorrow!
Please feel welcome to come and show your support to a day that makes a difference for our boys to manhood for a#successfullife!
And donate to make your presence truly appreciated as 10K is still needed thanks! -> from us all at the Beit Shemesh #Educational #Center
,Eli Pmusic's photo.

Midnightrabbi Inspires

So happy to get ready for Lag B’Omer 2014 with a Bar Mitzvah 13 in 2014 and Ari Lesser this year in top form 🙂  But before that The 14th day of Iyar – this coming Tuesday night / Wednesday day – is known as Pesach Sheni. Last class of Session 4, 10th Habit!<- “Getting high, staying high with this Inner message of 2014” , the 10 habits towards 10 commandments getting ready for Session 5! Lag B’omer to Shavuot 2014!

It’s also the yahrtzeit of the holy Rebbe Meir baal Haness.

Rebbe Meir, a third-generation Mishnaic sage or Tanna, is affectionately known as Rebbe Meir “Baal HaNess”, or “master of the miracle”. He is one of the most quoted sages in the entire Talmud and one of the five (some say seven) latter pupils of Rebbe Akiva. His father, a righteous convert, was a descendant of the Emperor Nero.


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