Glimpse of 13 in 2014 Special Bar Mitzvah, Festive, Presents, Kotel & Tour

Putting on new donated Tefillin with family, staff & students, as we celebrate 13 in 2014 Special Bar Mitzvah

Midnightrabbi Inspires

Some highlights of 13 in 2014 Bar Mitzvah with visual inspiration beyond words. Thanks from the midnightrabbi <-Beit Shemesh Educational Center's photo.This May 15th, Thursday morning, thanks to your support we were able to give 20 students high quality tefillin and talleisim and make a warm Bar Mitzvah service in our beautiful center.We followed the festivities with a stunning breakfast with family, supporters, teachers & staff. This inc. our founder Dr. David Portowicz and son Chezky Portowicz. Our kind guests and supporters gave out a new watch to each student with inspirational speeches from our talented staff. Then a tiyul in the hills of Bet Shemesh with special monuments. Onto the Kotel – Western Wall (כותל המערבי) with a new light show / tour and prayers by the wall.

Beit Shemesh Educational Center's photo.We climaxed the special day with lunch in the Leonardo Plaza Hotel…

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