War rages on to find the true path that joins heart and mind!

Inspirational pics from a great week “living the 5th Commandment”<-

About to learn for the final time this year with the #ashreinu crew 😀
Chazak and strength with courage to us all to go ahead with a smile!
shavuot-is-here-and-so-our-the-ethics-of-our-fathers-siyum-mazel-tov <-

CAM01385Guys i want to apologize for any confusion created with the stones tickets and hope to always have good connection with you guys.
2 tickets were left unutilized and the main reason being that they were only discounted tickets.
My father couldn’t get free tickets in the end. He laid out the money hoping that 2 students or friends of our’s would take interest. He was willing at the end to sell them for 500 even though he’d laid out more for them.
However, after a very inspiring Yom Tov in Jerusalem ( i had you all in mind during Neitz sunrise minyan where i blessed birkat kohanim at the front by the holy wall) we left at 9pm on the spot and no one was at the Inbal or met with us through out my father’s stay. I believe he would of given free tickets with a little more connection to the guys. But i understand your schedule has been very busy. Anyhow it took longer to get there as though and parking was terrible. We only got there 10;30pm and rightly so your money would have been wasted. Amazing to see so many people there, but it was hot in all ways. We left early and avoided a tow truck about to tow our car away and made it back before 12pm Midnight.
Much success in all you do and every story and connection together has a positive purpose, especially at AsHreinu where jews learn to be mentches…
Eliezer Goldsmith and fam.
p.s. apologize for any unwanted on line connection as my goal was to apply the 1st habit of the 7 habits (10 habits) and bring alive “being proactive” and interactive in growth, kindness and learning.

Please feel free to contact Eli Goldsmith
Israel – +97257-317-5856
WhatsApp – 0573175856 or +972573175856
Viber – +972545237265
Work number – +97225473284
Email – umuse613@gmail.com

Last week and siyum of Ashreinu<- pics and classes -> 10 habits = 10 commandments inspired with a true taste for life gone practical!”

We work six days, and the seventh day, Shabbat, is consecrated to G‑d, a day to spiritually refresh and reconnect with our Creator.

In a similar vein, every seventh year is holy; the Shemitah (Sabbatical) year is a year devoted to strengthening our bond with G‑d, and specifically to honing our faith in His omnipotence and our trust in His kindness.

This year, the year 5768 since creation (Sept. 13, 2007-Sept. 29, 2008), is aShemitah year. The articles in the following sections will explain this year’s special observances and laws, as well as expand on its spiritual message and practical relevance in the 21st century.

Wishing you an inspiring, uplifting and meaningful Shemitah year for Ashreinu 2013/14 and 2014/15!

New Alex Clare video<-, don’t get the vid but like the idea of the song, with heart at mind finding true balance! Emotion and Intellect with shalom bayit!


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