Today, we in education need to bring the 10 habits of inspiration alive!

Really important to emphasize and not make fun of the power of the 7 habits from Stephen Covey if applied at this young age can really turn these guys lives around. The 7 habits of highly effective teens from Sean Covey is an example of changing the youth. However, I have seen the real benefit of #Jewishising this practical approach to the 10 habits which has a direct correlation to the 10 commandments which is so relevant to every Jewish mentch.

The Guide for Husband Wifey happy!

Looking forward to the Siyum of 2013/4 with the “fortunate ones” today Midnightrabbi inspires,

ashreinu pic 5th nightThe biggest #struggle i see in #education today is maintaining the optimistic and positive energy we see in the Rosh Hayeshiva and daily applying the true reality to never give up on even one students success! Everyday, every staff member should have in mind 100% attendance and do what ever he can to make this reality. Messaging, phoning, preparing the day before, visit to dorms and true dedication to the students whole well being. If we truly look at them and talk to the students with love and positivity we will see 100% improvement for our alumnae and Ashreinu 2014/5 and beyond! bs’d

CAM00104My goal after discussing much with many of the #students of 2013/4 for Ashreinu 2014/5 is building a more #interactive approach for any Ashreinu students i can access, and possibly suggest might #inspire…

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