Truth needs to bring change and real peace, but right now the sirens are blaring!

This Shabbos afternoon was the 3rd time we had to enter a bomb shleter of our home in Israel the holy land! I don’t usually write or post the news. I stay far from political intrigue etc.. But living through this and personally i have it easy so far B’H need some coverage, especially those in Ashdod etc… Seeing that I just witnessed 2 days ago next to my house sirens blaring after a long day of work and saw 2 rockets blow up in front of my town. BH keep praying thanks no one is hurt. Definatly traumatized. My boss wanted me at his wedding in Teli. Which is where I’m went right after, passing through Bnei barak. We’re a Stiff necked people עקשנים the Torah kedosha truly praises us as life goes on and Hashem is keeping us brachmanus strong. Thanks for caring we’re ok bottom line Coming 17th July Thursday night<- click to meet up. Role out the eventmerchandising carpet 1030pmish London airport. Keep an eye on delays due to rocket, anyhow thanks we’re ok made a song the other night night for the kids, will miss them and hope they will all be safe!

Miracle in Ashdod: Direct Hit on Gas Station, no Fatalities ,all from Lazer Beams

What’s the war like in Ashdod? The following parable will explain: Several ministers complained to the king about the misbehavior of his son, the prince. To placate them, the king called his son, yelled at him and scolded him, then hit him with a big stick. The stick seemed to make a lot of noise on impact, but without the ministers knowing, the king barely tapped his beloved son, whom he certainly does not want to hurt. The king is Hashem, the prince is the People of Israel, the ministers are the administering angels of Edom and Yishmael, and the stick is the missile attacks from Gaza. We had a rough morning in Ashdod this morning. There were barrages at 8 AM, which caught us in the middle of Shmona Esrei. A later barrage hit Ashdod at about 10:50 AM. The earlier barrage hit a gas station. Miraculously, no one was killed. Logically, this should have been a mega-disaster. On Friday mornings, this particularly gas station is jammed with people getting their weekend fillups and with it, their free newspaper. Hashem’s love for His people Israel knows no bounds. Isn’t it time that we return that love with more dedication to Him? The photos below are courtesy of – have a look at them, and see what a tremendous miracle it is for someone to come out of such an attack alive. Shabat Shalom, and may we hear good tidings! Image #1 – car hit with shrapnel and totally gutted out Ashdod gas station1 Image #2 – GRAD missile completely penetrates the concrete pavement GRAD penetrating concrete Image #3 – Ashdod’s brave firefighters putting out the blaze Ashdod firefighters Image #4 – Aftermath in video

Emuna News Update: The War in Ashdod

The terrorist who was involved in the attack on the Ashdod Port on March 14, 2004, Achmed Naji Andur (47), was terminated today in a precision IDF surgical strike in Gaza. So far, this evening in Ashdod has been a noisy one. Despite the fact that the Iron Dome intercepted 9 missiles in the last hour, 2 made it through, one of which hit a car, but miraculously, no one has been hurt. Here’s what it looks like: It’s time to strengthen emuna and modesty, for a holy environment is a suitable dwelling place for the Divine Presence.

“Allah Does Miracles for Them” 

A foreign correspondent was interviewing one of the Hamas commanders and asked him for his reaction, that Hamas fired hundreds of missiles in the last 24 hours, yet most of them were either intercepted by the Iron Dome of fell into open areas. The Hamas terrorist answered, “What can I do if Allah does miracles for them? But, the minute Allah gets angry at them, wait and see what will happen…” Every page of Gemara we learn, every Mishna, every Psalm we say, every Challa a woman bakes, every coin that’s given to a needy person, every word of prayer, every reinforcement of emuna, every effort at enhancing unity and every other mitzva that a man, woman or child does only fans the bright flames of Hashem’s love for us. Inshalla (Arabic for G-d willing), Hashem’s love for us is eternal and will only grow! But, we must do our part. The more our camp is holy (Deuteronomy 23:15), the more we assure that Hashem’s Divine Presence hovers in our midst, for the Guardian of Israel never slumbers. Be strong, Israel, and don’t fear!

Believe in Yourself

Iron dome south israel Above image – the Iron Dome battery firing a missile that intercepted an incoming GRAD missile from Gaza. Part of believing in Hashem is to believe in ourselves and in our strongest weapons of prayer and good deeds.
A Hot Afternoon in AshdodThe south of Israel is still under heavy rocket fire from Gaza. In the last hour, we’ve had four Red-Alerts here in Ashdod alone. The Iron Dome intercepted several incoming missiles, and several others fell outside of town in unpopulated areas. Metal fragments from the exploded missiles rained around the city, that’s why it’s important to stay in a protected zone for at least a minute after hearing the explosion. We pray for the recovery of a 17-year old lad in Ashkelon who has been seriously injured from a direct missile hit while he was running for cover in an open area. Hashem continues to do miracles…
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