During the 9 days keeping it Kosher and meaningful!

Keep your home #Kosher during the 9 days and beyond, with peace and good character traits building lasting loving relationships !

Someone wrote in response to a new blog <- click here on the 9days and kosher food <-” Here’s a list of fancy fish and dairy meals, in exquisitely decorated restaurants, in Exile.

Spending the nine days like that, is a great way to guarantee that there will be another nine days of “mourning” next year, and the year after….

Do these kosher restaurant owners really want to rebuild the BHM? Do they really want kibbutz galuyot?

A friend wrote and shared – In Beitar the Chareidim are saying tehillim in each shul for the soldiers and others and preparing food packages for the soldiers as the Amshnover Rebbe said to do.  The Karliner Rebbe went himself to visit the army and take a look at this if you havent already seen it – photos-bostoner-rebbe-yerushalayim-visits-with-idf-soldiers-serving-in-gaza.html

On Sunday, Erev Rosh Chodesh Av, the Bostoner Rebbe Shlita went to the visit the soldiers near the battlefront at the army bases of Yiftach and Zikim, just north of Gaza.

The Rebbe talked to the soldiers and spoke words of encouragement, singing along with them the song “Ein K’Lokeinu” with a melody he composed. The soldiers were very surprised by this visit from a ultra-orthodox Rebbe and expressed great appreciation for his visit.

The Rebbe blessed the soldiers that should return home soon, safe and sound. In addition, the Rebbe went around asking the soldiers their Jewish names and the names of their mothers, in order to attach them to Eleph L’Mateh project spreadsheet, in order that their fellow Jews can pray on their behalf.


Wouldn’t Geula Shleimah be bad for their businesses?” Moshiach and peace on earth now, especially for our Husbadn and Wifey! !

Kosher Eli

 For the 9 days in the holy land may we all unite together with good news and comfort. To dine at the Beis Hamikdash hashlishi Bkorov. These great restaurants below is not a UKA list etc… 
DSC 2625


Wolf & Lamb NYC has prepared an outrageous Fresh Fish Menu for your dining pleasure these 9 days. Scottish Salmon, Striped Sea Bass, and Sushi Grade Tuna delivered fresh daily!

Mention this newsletter and enjoy a complimentary, homemade dessert on us.

In addition to our expanded fish menu, our regular meat menu is also available.

For reservations please call
212 317 1950

9 Day Menu - Dine In - 2014

“9 DAYS” MENUS AND SPECIALS: from Home : Great Kosher Restaurants


Open for the 9 Days with a number of fish specials

Butterfish Click here for their menu, which is full of fish items

Eden Wok 9 Days Sushi Special: Buy any 2 items on their menu, Get 1 Free (equal…

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